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by kgt

It's mirrored obviously!

by Weenie

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by eigner

hornedfrog wrote:Also, the crank/gears are on the wrong side. Its possible they used a mirrored image, but still...

Good observation
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by otoman

Miller wrote:I was reading the latest copy of UK magazine Cycling+ when I came across a WD40 advert. Here's a non-excellent reproduction. I don't think the ad agency is up-to-speed on latest road cycling styles, this photo must date from the mid 90s? Details to amaze:
- that sack-like jersey
- super-high super-stretched position
- mismatched wheels.

Nothing against the product, mind, I use it myself.

That's the Time Travelling Retro-Fred from the Planet Tri-Dork that BikeSnobNYC has quite frequently commented on. Great find! My favorite is the tip about unsticking your nuts with that helpful little arrow :lol:
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by CarpetFibre

Unsticking nuts pointing to the groin area? Was that a joke? :lol:

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by reggiebaseball

It's as real as his down-tube shifters, aerobars and bullhorn combo!

Thank god his nuts aren't stuck.

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by legsrburnin

Stating tghe obvious, but that's an old school TT bike with a 650 front wheel!

Getting really aero with 6 inches of spacers! Kind defeats the intended purpose of the frames geo.

Very aero with the sack he's wearing also!
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by elviento

A couple weird ones from Interbike.
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by majklnajt


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by fa63

Those shifters and saddle must be pointed up as a tribute to the Italian cycling gods :D
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by elviento

That bike wins on so many accounts!
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by jvanv8

principiamacb wrote:Image

I used those Zipp wheels once in their hayday... I'm glad I'm still here. Braking was horrible. Fun to ride though.
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by Starfish


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by CarpetFibre

Bet that handles well...

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by Ghastly

looks like a joke, but if it wasn't -> FREAK


Uploaded with

by Weenie

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de zwarten
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by de zwarten

Frames are overrated. This guy has read too many forums about 'what to upgrade on a bike first'.

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