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by mattias

if the top tube was horizontal it would help alot.

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by CarpetFibre

That chain is caught on the derailleur too.

by Weenie

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by Maximilian

BIG ring, nice forks... Image

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by stella-azzurra

This would be the only time I would excuse someone for getting the dreaded chain grease on their leg.
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by dereksmalls

stella-azzurra wrote:This would be the only time I would excuse someone for getting the dreaded chain grease on their leg.

Or punctured calf syndrome!

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by CerveloBert

That bike is built to win!

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by rule5

Does this count

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by elviento

obviously a practical joke, but still cracked me up.
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by SpoonMan

I'd have gotten one for my youngest - were she still small enough to use it...
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by principiamacb


And the best!


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by irongatsby

I actually like this freak.

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by Miller

I was reading the latest copy of UK magazine Cycling+ when I came across a WD40 advert. Here's a non-excellent reproduction. I don't think the ad agency is up-to-speed on latest road cycling styles, this photo must date from the mid 90s? Details to amaze:
- that sack-like jersey
- super-high super-stretched position
- mismatched wheels.

Nothing against the product, mind, I use it myself.


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by prendrefeu

Maybe the advertising budget was limited so they looked up "bicycle rider" on a 90's CD of "Royalty Free Stock Images" ?
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by Weenie

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by hornedfrog

Also, the crank/gears are on the wrong side. Its possible they used a mirrored image, but still...

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