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by themidge

^ +1
Are those carbon cranks?
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by prendrefeu

Seems like 1 shim for the Front Derailleur, the silver part is just the seat-tube with paint taken off (drilled on back side)
What I'm really intrigued by is the use of a architect's scale cut off and used for both the front of the seat-post and the front-side of the stem/steerer situation. Was the intention to have engineering support (pun absolutely intended) and 'aero' because the triangle is pointed outwards???
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by Weenie

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by AJS914

It looks like they drilled through the frame and used a hose clamp so they install a top pull mtb front derailleur. I think this bike wins the Freaks Award of the Year!

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by Stolichnaya

Those brake pad extensions... is this bike using a 26" rear wheel?
This is horrifying in general.

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by dmp

Did I read the downtube correctly that it's a Viscount? I wonder if it has the original "death fork" still on it.

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by J00P


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by UpFromOne

Viscount for the Victory!

Someone ought to post up a poll for the Freak-Of-The-Year.

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by HammerTime2


Good bike fit, ha ha.

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by kevhogaz

Found this one on Ebay. Looks safe, right??


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by UpFromOne

Official autopsy: Suicide by lever squeeze.

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by Slammed

Prepare your eyes


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by TonyM


What’s the strange thing inside the front wheel??

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by hlvd

Is it just a triathlon bike?

by Weenie

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by TurboKoo

To me it looks like a Tri bike without extensions.
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