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by mrfish

Er, aren't both the Ellsworths freaks - running a 5" travel MTB with XC parts including road pedals is perverse. Least the second owner has the sense to put flatties on.

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by aerozy

from bikesnobNYC:
Sunny cycling holidays in Portugal @ Cherry Cottage Vintage B&B

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by deltree

Ignore everything about that bike for a second and realise the owner thought a good place for that snap was propped up against a gravestone.

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by DrGalactus

If your bike looks like that common sense probably isn't your strong point.

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by Fiery

It's a tiny frame for a short rider who seems to have a relatively long torso, and who seems to be trying to get more than an inch of drop to the handlebars. There really aren't that many options for such a rider if they don't want to go with smaller wheels.

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by maverick_1


Ellsworth Epiphany is a XCish type of trail bike, 130mm front fork + M970 groupset is considered a norm, nothing freakish. The only thing worth mentioning are the road pedals, reason being it's only ridden on-road here in Tokyo.

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by nathanong87

that thing is sick with classic bars

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by deltree

Wonder what happens to the rear brake when they turn the handlebars.

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by Elrey


Sorry... Can't decide if this bike is unbelievable cool or really hideous.

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by eric

It's both!

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by Razor

Saw this on FB. Apparently, this guy has back and/or neck issues and set it up like this (temporarily) so that he can get back on the road.


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by efeballi

Riser bars and Dura-Ace wheels. That's just plain wrong.

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by Dammit

According to De Zwarten this belongs in here:


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by gt5504b

Totally a freak. I mean, come on. Who goes to all that trouble and cost to bring your groceries home and keep you butt dry, while totally screwing up the weight balance and handling.
This bike definitely needs a titanium or carbon fiber low-rider set of front racks and panniers.

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by gt5504b

Oh, and that Special Ed almost starts to look fun, until you realize what you hands would have to do if you had any hopes of braking!

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