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by fletch62

177 MPH!

by Weenie

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by DrGalactus

fletch62 wrote:Image

For winter riding?

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by UpFromOne

fletch62 wrote:177 MPH!

got a link, or an article about this?

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by NoiseBoy

UpFromOne wrote:
fletch62 wrote:177 MPH!

got a link, or an article about this? ... 3850855894

I saw a guy who had made one of these about 15 years ago, but he couldnt find anyone stupid enough to ride it.

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by Stolichnaya

That DeRosa Tango is not new. It was around years ago and discontinued a while back.

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by prendrefeu


Can anyone explain how this works?
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by MarkGiardini

hahah that looks awesome!
I am wondering if there's something going down the main shaft to the rear hub and it's powered by his body sliding down the frame, almost a worm-drive scenario...
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by KWalker

Someone pushes him to start and he maintains momentum from the bodyweight thrust. My guess is some kind of large cord helps to create tension that suddenly lets go which creates some inertia.
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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

TT Racer Guy Martins new bike...

Official cafe stop tester

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by fitty4

@prendrefeu: it is pulled by some cables ... ia=gallery
@jekyll man: weird
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by mitchgixer6

Really looking forward to seeing Guy going for that speed record on this. Awesome!

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by metal

Was trawling the web (actually looking for Mavic Plongeant bullhorns) , and came across this...


details here ... eant-7282#
classy, but man, that's out there :P

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by fitty4


Uploaded with

For sale now!

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by BeeBee30

Damn thats busy :shock:
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by Weenie

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by maverick_1

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