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by dereksmalls

H0RSE wrote:Really?
Never knew Ferrari made Colnagos.

Like the BMC/Lambo the Colnago Ferrari was more a branding than anything


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by carbonLORD

dereksmalls wrote:
H0RSE wrote:Really?
Never knew Ferrari made Colnagos.
Like the BMC/Lambo the Colnago Ferrari was more a branding than anything.

At least this relationship makes sense, as it's Colnago "for" Ferrari as painted on the down tube. A salute to Ferrari and two companies from Italy at the top of their game.

Specialized and McLaren, more of a technological relationship, using McLaren's wind tunnel, layup schedule and aerodynamicists to produce a product.

I fail to see any relationship between the Swiss manufacturer BMC and the Italian legend Lamborghini, granted both are technologically driven companies in the pursuit of fast machines.

BMC did a publicity stint with swiss watch maker Hublot years back, using the beloved SLT01 frame. I think they should have stuck with precision Swiss watch makers like Audemars Piguet instead of the done, car company partnership. Even Lexus might have been a better fit since they also use the IMPEC carbon braiding machine in production of their CF's.

Hey, there's always teh Pugeot TT Concept bike, (yes it is really copper plating).


by Weenie

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by ricerocket

^^ Wow, that looks awesome.


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by gt5504b

that Scott's pie plate is big enough to probably have some aerodynamic benefits!
(too bad about the counter effects of the reflector :( )

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by Routier


It actually looks like that for a reason, it's a bit tricky to design a single speed full suspension frame due to having to keep the chain a constant length. Still fugly though!

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by thprice

FAT Time


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That SCOTT is bad, in the fact that I see that alot. Saddle tilted way down.

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by UpFromOne

don't forget all the time & effort that someone puts into each of these "freaks" to make them look like that! :lol:

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by stella-azzurra

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by cookiemonster


Funnily enough the chap parked up and went into the pharmacy. I actually waited a couple of minutes as I really wanted to see the circus act when he tried to get back on, but to no avail, I was getting cold and moved on. I assumed he was collecting his daily dose of ibruprofen and nappy rash cream. Maybe some neck, shoulder and back supports....



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by astranoc

The new De Rosa Tango, it's like a nightmare came true


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by MarkGiardini

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by campbellrae

It looks like it has melted...

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by nathanong87

astranoc wrote:The new De Rosa Tango, it's like a nightmare came true


Anyone living in Russia can help me out source a part? [7/2/19]

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by Weenie

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by fletch62


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