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by Privateer

spud wrote:Cortizone as the preferred PED? When it can be detected in any piss test and or blood test?

Who cares about tests when you can get a TUE?

Johnny Rad
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by Johnny Rad

Johnny Rad wrote:...and Horner was definitely wearing the previously discussed "stretch overshoes" to mask whatever real shoe brand he was wearing.


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by kbbpll

Congratulations, thank you, godspeed. "Shut up retirement".

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by MarkGiardini

Someone's edited wikipedia already!

Jens Voigt (born 17 September 1971) is a true legend and a former German professional road bicycle racer (shut up retirement) for UCI ProTeam Trek Factory Racing.[1]
KWalker wrote:chill out perv dogs, homegirl is still only 17.

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by jipperd

Gilbert testing some new shoes?


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by szymonef

Contador finishing in first group today - this shows he's going for GC I believe :)

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by Cyppen

Tinkoff Saxo on zipp wheels at Vattenfall.

But still Roval wheels at the Vuelta.

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by russianbear

Surprised Contador doesn't have a custom wheel build for the mountains.

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by djm

Fabu complaining on Twitter about the hot weather in Spain. That is probably going to help.

Somebody please give them a placebo thermostat and get on with it. On the other hand if this was China I'm sure the authorities would've ordered everyone living along the course to open their fridges and freezers and blow the cold air out at the riders passing! ;-)

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by otoman

KWalker wrote:
Apparently you don't know that cortisone and corticosteroids are different things. I am proscribed a bronchidialtor aka inhaler that is a corticosteroid.....
Cortisone used for performance enhancement is another thing altogether and racers are not allowed to race at all while undergoing cortisone treatments. This is not what Horner was denied the ability to race for.

Hey KWalker, read this in a friendly way but you are misinformed. :) Cortisone is a natural steroid hormone produced by the adrenal glands that is a corticosteroid. Further bronchodilators are not steroids, they are beta-agonists. Anyway..... You can get oral coritcosteroids and/or you can get an orally inhaled corticosteroid, both of which decrease inflammation in the bronchi . Many times both are prescribed for bronchitis. The oral corticosteroid is far more likely to decrease endogenous production of cortisol/cortisone, etc. by the adrenal glands than is an oral inhaled corticosteroid as you alluded to regarding your own use of steroids. :smartass:
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by TwiggyTN


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by KWalker

Lol I love the term "own use of steroids" regarding a commonly prescribed asthma medication. Never thought of it that way, but got the TUE regardless. The process of getting the TUE was a PITA, but I digress. Thanks for clarifying the two. From what I understood Horner took the same type of medication for the same reason I take it, which is different than taking exogenous cortisone for performance enhancement.
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by nathanong87

matt cooke retires

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by Privateer

And Lance Armstrong had a (post-dated) TUE for a cortisone containing cream for saddle sores.

The treatment the TUE covers and the protection from positive tests that it actually provides are not necessarily the same thing.
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by AGW

Reliving US National Championships


Team Smartstop 1/2.... and then there's Alex Howes... (also seen banging his bars in the video)
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