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by KWalker

In that last pic he has a P2M Type S on. In another he had the classic with the green logo.
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by Guerdi

Points leader's jersey fail :D


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by Kermithimself

Wow, looks like a deflated balloon.
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by MattSoutherden

That's what happens to people when they come off the roids.

What? You were talking about the jersey? Oh, sorry. Carry on.
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by ultyguy

petepeterson wrote:And plenty of weenies hate on Conti Competitions but they have seen a few wins under the likes of Movistar, BMC, Lotto, lampre...

Sure, 'Pro Ltd' version w/ latex tubes and a non-tread strip in the middle....I'd rock those! :mrgreen:

....brought to you by a user of Conti Sprinter Gatorskins (I don't have a follow car)

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by djconnel

efeballi wrote:Pulley cages look like Berner's 15T pulleys that (allegedly) reduce chain friction.

FrictionFacts.com confirmed experimentally that the theory is correct and it works.

Theory is straightforward: chain bends less, pulley spins slower. Obvious it should work.

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by 53x12

No Bouhanni at TdF. Sad, I was hoping he would be selected.
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by DartanianX

In other news, could be some fireworks between Lotto and OPQS at the tour.


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by thegunner

seriously? that seems like a very one sided report - cav seems a bit immature, but it seems out of character for him to call out someone's personal life...

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by spartan

what is wrong with this picture :oops:

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by petal666

I know a guy who used to run campy brakes on a DA groupset. No brake QR. This guy get 2x the QR cable release.

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by TwiggyTN

Wonder how well that works with the different pull ratios? Who am I kidding, most PROs couldn't care less...

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by thegunner

it works just fine, definitely not the same setup but i ran 7900 brakes with an older 10s ergo setup... maybe it wasn't ideal, but my bike still stopped just fine. does campy even offer a direct mount brake?

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by ichobi

Well isn't it because the new Aeroad use Direct Mount brake, and Campagnolo doesn't have one?
I'd love to know how many sizes of that integrated cockpit Canyon going to produce. Could be a nightmare to fit right without variety of reaches.

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by racermech

That tweet is a bit different then the one i saw.

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