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by KB

nathanong87 wrote:you guys are forgetting one important thing. normal brakes on road bicycle looks the ILLEST. Life is too short to build and ride ugly bicycles. Doesn't matter how a bicycle performs in real life. Only internet picture performance matters.

buying an iphone cuz it's the fastest processor or most flawless design? heck no, bought it so that when I walked into my starbucks after with my 10mi bike ride wearing rapha pro team brevet stunting, that baristas making my mocchiattos will be like, dang dat iphone 5s chrome case big gucci mane baller.

by Weenie

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by davidalone

for those who say discs arent sharp: stationary they aren't. spinning at 40, 50km/h? that can be pretty nasty.

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by mentok

davidalone wrote:for those who say discs arent sharp: stationary they aren't. spinning at 40, 50km/h? that can be pretty nasty.

fair call. best to ban bladed spokes too while we're at it ;)

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by nathanong87

might as well just ban cycling too, because crashing at 50kph sucks.

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by Dozer

IMHO everyone saying discs aren't safe, easy to maintain, etc. either don't own a disc mtn bike or have forgotten how much better they are than rim brakes.

There are legit arguments, pro and con, for road disc. But, there are a lot of silly concerns thrown around here about things that have been fully vetted off-road.

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by G60

Can we get a dedicated disc debate thread or something?

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by xnavalav8r

There are several...

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by worstshotever

Um so Joe D fricken crushed it in the mountains eh? Guess that knee is coming along. Great to watch.

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by Kermithimself

I can see the idea of good brakes when it comes to mountainbiking, but I doubt that I brake that much during a race.
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by Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez

worstshotever wrote:Um so Joe D fricken crushed it in the mountains eh? Guess that knee is coming along. Great to watch.

Good to see him coming back in shape but imho the ATOC was low level in the mountains. With all due respect to the riders, it is not a mystery why some riders like Dennis or Craddock have had their first good showing of the season in the mountains... The level was a bit low.

Anyway, Joe D. is improving but at the start of the season, I would have hoped to see him riding top 15 in the Giro di Italia. I know it is knee injury's fault but I mean he already had good showing at ATOC 2 years ago when he was in Bontrager development team so there is no real improvement so far.

We already talked about this I'm not sure Sky training methods are developping him fine so far. With the rumored changes, we might see more of him but really, I wished he would have done the Trentino and Giro di Italia in good form to see what he has.

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by KWalker

Top 15 in the second year as a World Tour pro is a bit much. I doubt Aru, who he beat at the Giro Bio, will stay in the top 10 much longer. The kid is still ridiculously young and it is a huge jump from racing well in the US and shorter stage races to being competitive in a 3 week Grand Tour. Don't get me wrong I would have loved to see the guy perform in either of those races, but its hard to be too harsh on someone in their second season who has been handed a support role and told to develop very slowly. I'm sure he will do some good things if he races the Vuelta and if he stays injury fee we will see more of him.

While agreeing that ToC is a lower level than a Grand Tour obviously, he set a pretty high pace that shelled a ton of riders, covered attacks, and still pulled on the front for a really, really long time. Impressive with barely 3 weeks of riding.
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by Rob81

a good recipe for crashes with rain: 5 days now before Sunday (Montecampione) stage and they are resurfacing -should be fair to say patching/mending- roads on the climb and that was needed because there were holes as deep as half feet, I'm not joking...- but also before the climb on the fast flats.
This kind of asphalt needs 1 month to absorb rubber and loose the oily surface, with last minute resurface crashes are the normal consequence of the first raindrops over brand new roads.

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by martinko

Same in world champs in Florence last year - brand new asphalt. Then came the heavy rain.

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by maquisard

Still recall Menchov falling off on a corner of the climb to Prato Nevoso on a wet day in the 2008 TdF.

Then again, Menchov had a talent for that!

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by Geoff

Pretty nice Giro day today, though!

by Weenie

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