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by tymon_tm

Dan Maritn wrote: It’s one thing to make a mistake or know what you’ve done but we figure that there’s a patch of oil or something

as Rick stated above, from the video it looks like he caught his pedal. plus, no one else fell on that corner but Martin
kkibbler wrote: WW remembers.

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by Rob81

Vector's revenge for bad/lack of PR :)
http://velonews.competitor.com/2014/04/ ... tts_325438

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by ultyguy

Big pity for Martin but he definitely looks like he grounded a pedal. I'm not so sure if he was going to take it tho, the others were gaining quickly and I get a sense that their jump would've overhauled him.

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by KB

Well done by Gerrans. Can't remember how long it is since someone won at San Remo and then wins an Ardennes classic.

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by stella-azzurra

Is Valverde going to the tour? If so he might be doing a lot early on in the year.
Or he knows he can't win the tour and try to win the one day classics.
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by djconnel

Not the fault of the Vectorizer pod, but rather the Exustar body has less cornering clearance than the Speedplay, where the shoe hits before the pedal does. I've not actually measured cornering clearance, however. Cervelo bottom bracket isn't particularly low (68 mm drop). You need to measure clearance with the shoe in place because w/ Speedplay the shoe may sit lower.

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by dereksmalls

Some people saying oil on the corner

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by v0coder

He obviously clipped a pedal. It sucks, but that's what happened.

Edit: agree with the pedal comment. It doesn't seem possible for the vector pod to be an issue. But the pedal seems a tad oversized.


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by dgasmd

S. Gerrans. Frankly, didn't see that one coming!

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by ultyguy

The pod may not be a direct issues, but the fact that it widens the q factor does affect clearance.

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by AGW

Holy short chain on that Cervelo.

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by nathanong87

eh it'll still shift

i like gerrans. I like the fact he beat valverde. i like bicycles.

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by Rick

ultyguy wrote:The pod may not be a direct issues, but the fact that it widens the q factor does affect clearance.

Aha! It all adds up.

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by maquisard

marginal losses

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by petepeterson

I wonder if the bike race would have ended any different if it were 100k long.

A lot of people who bike race could learn a thing or two from Gerrans. He was in the wind for maybe 10 seconds.

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