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by KWalker

hasbeen wrote:EPO can increase vascularity. Just sayin.

EPO does not necessarily increase plasma volume nor vascularity.

If you want a good example of this go find pictures of Jonathan Chodroff when he was still on Jelly Belly before he got popped. Dude looked like his limbs were made of dough- zero veins or muscular definition anywhere.
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by worstshotever

MattSoutherden wrote:
ave wrote:The future of aero! http://nullwinds.com/

Useful use: Touring [??]

Actual use: Strava wankers

They need a carbon/titanium SL version.

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by dereksmalls

Good to see Cadel winning

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by micky

The level of the field this year at Trentino was a bit lower than usual and his "diesel engine" did the rest.

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by ichobi

Froome legs, 2013 TDF


Roman Kreuziger' legs


Sean Kelly'

Sean Yates






Hoogerland... Oh wait!

'Real' Hoogerland'

Cav' look pretty 'normal'

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by headwind816

Cav proved that Dogma2 could take a beating keep going.

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by MattSoutherden

The biggest thing with all these 'popping veins' is the lighting and processing of the photos. The high-contrast processing, especially in B&W (and even more with the side-lighting for the shot of Froome at home) really draws attention to the veins.
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by kevinkalis

I hate it when people use the picture of Hincapie's legs as vascular. Those are varicose veins. Big difference.

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by petepeterson

Specialized needs to sue those fairings ASAP. So dumb.

Sooooo.... any big races coming up?

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by stella-azzurra

This discussion about veins. body fat and muscle size is kinda pointless in cycling. This is no Mr. Universe contest. Yates and Hincapie are well known for their varicose veins. Greipel has large calf muscles. All have won in their respective disciplines and have lost as well, just like Froome, and Wiggins with their pencil thin legs. What does muscle size, shape, body fat have to do with being an elite cyclist? Nothing. The factors that really make a difference is genetic make up, the aerobic system, natural vO2 max, the efficiency of the system to operate at high intensities over long periods of time. the ability to recover quickly and do it all over again. Of course there are helper substances to improve those factors but the fact of the matter is that those base factors are for the most part already there. All the elite cyclist needs to do is train those abilities to improve them but the starting point is already at a higher level than the average.
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by boysa

What he said ^
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by KWalker

Its sorta creepy you have either saved those pictures or remembered all of them.
Don't take me too seriously. The only person that doesn't hate Froome.
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by Mr.Gib

That patch of road rash on Cav is the largest I have ever seen. Man that must have stung when he stepped in the shower. :shock:
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by itsacarr

Swapping mud for bottles on this thread .... #inothernews

http://www.be-celt.com/2014/04/26/tour- ... rs-leader/

An interesting finish at Bretagne today ...

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

KWalker wrote:Its sorta creepy you have either saved those pictures or remembered all of them.

No doubt there's a Tumblr or Insta account dedicated to cyclist's legs (I know more than a few female fans who go gah gah over them).

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