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by stuka666

Cav with sram yesterday.. Dolph Lundgren with his shimano today.. tomorrow it's campa time

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by efeballi

ichobi wrote:Image

Hulk smash!

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by russianbear

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by HammerTime2

Yeah, Kittel was told to never do it again and apologize on Twitter or his a$$ was fired.

Fortunately for him, unlike his apology, his sprint is real.

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by davidalone

that gif doesnt match the circumstances cavendish described for the push

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by Omiar

According to CN - Kittels handlebars apparently broke after hitting a hole in the road: "I broke the right side of my handlebar and I crashed. That's the story, there's no more to say,".
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by alpinestar

Marcel is begging for forgiveness! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

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by ave

I thought Cav's "chain came off" complaints was from stage 2, hence his inability to even feature...
(where exactly are that SRAM flame comments of his - can't find them on cyclingnews)
But at least he can still win a sprint from a small group, I mean team. :)

Regarding stage2, cyclingnews wrote:
>weave through the peloton in the final kilometre but eased up when he realised there was no way through to contest the sprint.

But I saw something else on TV. At 300m he was on Greipel's wheel.
At 150m he was right behind Pelucci, the eventual winner, with space on the right to overtake him.
So there was a way for him to contest the sprint.

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by Willier

Wiggo now with Giro shoes

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by nathanong87

davidalone wrote:that gif doesnt match the circumstances cavendish described for the push

i don't disagree with you. Unless the push happened more than once, that's the only instance i found. So I'm not quite sure what cav was on about (not that it reallllly matters). Gif is small but race numbers on video match martin and cav

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by martinko

@ave, it was about the stage 1:
http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/cavendi ... m-together

Maybe it is not that clear from the gif, but I see how Martin waved to the left, maybe to really not kiss Cav's wheel. Anyway, if that push wasn't because of the dropped chain, how much do you think it could have helped Cav? I think that literally nothing. If he wasn't able to keep up with the pace, he would have been dropping more than just at that moment. :-)

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by Rob81

tymon_tm wrote:whoa, can you even compare smashing tennis rockets to 10k$ bikes.. it clearly shows cycling's a rich sport these days, i can't imagine a pro destroying his bike 20 years ago.. :noidea:

a compilation: http://www.cyclingweekly.co.uk/news/lat ... ows-117606

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by SolidSnake03

Wiggo really likes his lace up bike shoes, first zero's now empire aac's
Willier wrote:Wiggo now with Giro shoes

Looks like I made a new 90 Proof friend

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by jmilliron

Those are really sharp. I'd buy a pair if I didn't already have three pairs of perfectly good road shoes.
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