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by nathanong87

Stefano wrote:http://velonews.competitor.com/2014/03/news/gallery-2014-omloop-het-nieuwsblad_318310

Anyone else notice GVA only had one glove? Theories? My guess is it's probably all about the aero :)

yea i noticed! stannard must have attacked when GVA was putting away a glove hah. Really great race! I really like GVA, wish he get his win!

by Weenie

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by deek

Nature break sacrifice?

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by DartanianX

I reckon he was part way taking them off and the hammer went down and he has no chance to do the second.

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by ultyguy

Great ride from Stannard, big props, he's come up the hard way, Belgian style.

Definitely rooting for GVA this spring, big sentimental favourite for me. Ran into him in the Vallais last summer when he was training for the US/Canadian races, super good guy. Pity for him that MSR changed, I think he'd have been a good dark horse for that one.

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by pastronef

ultyguy wrote:great ride from Stannard, big props, he's come up the hard way, Belgian style.

really strong one from him. he said in the post race interview he saw GVA was more tired than him.
just imagine how many more fans could Stannard have if he raced for another team... :wink:
it was a great race, seeing OPQS not on the front was nice too. but I fear they'll bounce back soon.

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by KWalker

I don't think Stannard is hampered by Sky- he gets a good race program and they don't really have a classics leader. He won't get over the hills in Flanders in the lead group, but races such as this, MSR, and P-R are more his bag than anyone else's on the team.
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by hna

Stannard was amazing over the Taaienberg yesterday. He was the one closest to Vanmarcke and he was also the one that closed the gap. He might surprise us on the bergs this year.

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by Kjetil

pastronef wrote:seeing OPQS not on the front was nice too. but I fear they'll bounce back soon.
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by djconnel

Quickstep perhaps took a big gamble today keeping the lead group together for Boonen. But I don't know what the riders' legs were. Perhaps attacking more would have fruitlessly tired them out.

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by davidalone

Holy crap. That was about as dominant a performance you're gonna see in the classics from opqs. 5 men in a break of 10. Also props to Belkin. That was a good display of teamwork.

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by rainerhq

Speeds from yesterday, last km´s:

Stannard, van Avermaet
16.5km→10km | 7:37, 51.20Kph
10km→5km | 5:40, 52.94Kph
5km→Finish | 7:02, 42.65Kph
Last 16.5km | 20:19, 48.73Kph
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by ultyguy

Damn, that's a pretty fast 2 man move, no wonder they weren't caught.

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by stuka666

This is getting a bit ridiculous.. with those averages after so much km's and bad weather.

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by lippythelion

I didn't see the race, but maybe there was a tail wind for the last 15 to 20km.

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by mrlobber

Vanmarcke & Belkin looking strong this year as well. Hoping all these stay on good form until Flanders and Roubaix, this is going to be epic then.
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by Weenie

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