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by manne

SolidSnake03 wrote:Kask Infinity Helmet I believe

That's right.

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by MarkTwain

Permon wrote:Why do You think it is interesting? It is JUST MARKETING! Nothing else.
Cervelo introduced NEW product, they need to show it to the customers. Be sure Ryder is ridding it ONLY because of marketing, not because he finds it better than Rca. You ll see during season, they will come back to R5s and Rcas. :wink:

Given Garmin ddidn't mind, much less force, riders like Martin to at least pretend they're using the Vector pedals...

I'd say riders simply made the choice themselves.

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by MarkGiardini

KWalker wrote:chill out perv dogs, homegirl is still only 17.

lol - comment of the month right there.
KWalker wrote:chill out perv dogs, homegirl is still only 17.

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by hotshot

nathanong87 wrote:are the skin suits that cav and greipel (and OPQS in general). Are those castelli sanremo rebrands?

they are vermarc suits and there available to the public according to there catalogs. Very similar to the castelli suits both have the easy front access but slightly different fabrics etc.

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by micky

As we all know Vermac's team clothing are made by Giordana and Giordana's owner put some pics of herself and Tony Martin on her FB by talking of how many trips she has done to Belgium to develop their skinsuit.

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by HillRPete

http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/flanders-and-roubaix-are-what-counts-says-eisel wrote:Sky's 2013 classics campaign was instantly written off as a failure within moments of the end of Paris-Roubaix and the team's novel preparation was immediately dismissed as a fad. Such is the hyper-reality of an era of snap judgments.

Says no one less than CN. (emphasis mine)
Makes me chuckle.

Rodrego Hernandez
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by Rodrego Hernandez

No mention of the road side strike he orchestrated in Tenerife last year!

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by pastronef

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by SolidSnake03

Looks like some weird attempt to offset the pedal from the pedal spindle, the spindle actually looks pretty far forward in relation to the peddle platform.
Looks like I made a new 90 Proof friend

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by Rob81

rear body part (black plastic and springs) looks like coming directly from a Shimano PD-R540

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by TwiggyTN

Always loved Dirty's gold Sidis. What, BMC didn't have any gold bartape laying around?

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by Geoff

Mmmm. Gold Sidis...

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by MikeM

pastronef wrote:from Cyclintipsblog twitter

https://twitter.com/cyclingtips/status/ ... 84/photo/1


My first thought is that it is to dynamically vary the crank arm length; the pedal spindle orbits the "normal" spindle location in the crank arm.
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So that explains the hours on a bike...

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by lippythelion

MikeM wrote:No need to quote above

Hey Mick, haven't you just done that?

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