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by fa63

pastronef wrote:Tinea_Pedis article on Ridemedia

http://www.ridemedia.com.au/ride-featur ... ums-place/

We (member of the Weight Weenies forum) should sponsor him. Seriously.

by Weenie

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by HammerTime2

pastronef wrote:Tinea_Pedis article on Ridemedia

http://www.ridemedia.com.au/ride-featur ... ums-place/
As I advance in years, I'm not the cyclist I used to be ... actually, I never was.

I was fortunate enough to never be anywhere near good enough to have any illusions about becoming a professional cyclist, or a professional athlete in any sport. Nevertheless, if someone wants to pay me to watch me riding my bike, I'll gladly accept it, with whatever loss in amateur eligibility that might entail.

I can tell you this, though, back in the day, I could have podium'd in any NorCal (Northern California and Nevada) women's road race, including district championships. How do I know? Because I rode with women who won those races, and I know how I stacked up.

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by Antoine

KWalker wrote:MTN would have been way more exciting than Bretagne, which will be about as interesting to watch as Sojasun. Basically a bunch of French "talent" that never went anywhere as riders and spend the entire race hanging out together at the back of the bunch. I get including home teams, but they're just a waste. I don't think they have won a stage since they were Agritubel. MTN at least has some talent and have riders that have won on the WT level.

We'll see, only the Feillu brothers were part of Agritubel I think , and they have riders good enough and motivated.

Anyway it's the tour de France and it's nice to have a team from Brittany where cycling is huge, Brittany is part of the history of the TDF with guys like Bobet and Hinault, they deserve it.

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by KWalker

They don't deserve it if their riders aren't good enough. Sorry. There are a few token French teams in the race, that should be good enough.

@Hammertime2- If you didn't get the results, then you can't make claims like that. Its the results that matter, not self assessments.
Don't take me too seriously. The only person that doesn't hate Froome.
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by petepeterson

One time when we were 20 Ryder dropped out of a race before me so I am basically Giro champ.

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by pastronef

Horner to Lampre, it's official
he'll ride Giro and Vuelta

Team Lampre Merida ‏@lampre_merida 2m

Yees now it's official! @hornerakg it's a @lampre_merida rider! Wellcome on board Chris

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by Kjetil

^^The Belkin Bianchi Infinito CV: Not enough Celeste, of which you never can have too much. :thumbup:

Congrats to Horner!

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by stuka666

Nice, glad to see he isn't riding the Tour, that would really piss off Rui Costa, since it was part of the deal with Lampre that he would ride the Tour.

Giro will be the most interesting grand tour of the year.. Horner, Porte and Quintana.. wee

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by hna

The Giro is always the most exciting Grand Tour. If the GC is somehow dull, it makes up for it by having some of the most exciting stages.

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by xnavalav8r

Schleck factory Team should be very happy that Horner won't be at the tour this year. It would be very embarrassing for them to get crushed by the rider they let slip away.

I think I am going to change my holiday plans and go to the Giro this year.

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by davidalone

Question Nick,. why is a Bianchi rider Time trialing on a pinarello? :P

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by Anders3404

His team doesn't have TT bikes so he was fitted with a pina

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by petepeterson

Glad to see Horner sorted and another big name at the Giro. Interesting to see he's only started (and DNF'd) the Giro once before.

Also great to see Stybie starting CX worlds. It looks like the UCI will live stream it?

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by stuka666

Yeap, they have been streaming the World Cup until now so will the worlds, 2 days and 18 hours to the first race.

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by petepeterson

Someone tell me why you don't hire sammy sanchez to fill Ballan's spot on BMC?

by Weenie

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