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by 109er

Phinneys entourage is most likely responsible for a lot of his coverage. I've spoken with an Olympic team doctor pretty in depth about the American talent and he said Phinney is a physical machine, but mentally pretty immature and weak. Nice kid but impossible to get an answer out of without going through psychiatrists, friends, family, etc. The polar opposite is Tejay. Down to earth, family oriented, quiet.

That just speaks of the young guys coming up. It was a pretty interesting and eye opening talk none the less.

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by ichobi

Interesting comment, he seems to be able to get on with it though like from the Tierrano solo ride and the win in Tour of Poland was some ballsy move.

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by petepeterson

109er wrote:The polar opposite is Tejay. Down to earth, family oriented, quiet.


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by dgasmd

Potato/potatoes. Semantics......

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by ultyguy

Phinney strikes me as someone who got it all a bit too easily to start with and now has to make a personal choice to dig very deep if he wants to get to the level of Martin, Cancellara, et al.

TJ is a fighter for sure, but I don't think he has what it takes to make a GT podium...but I'd love to see him prove me wrong. He won't fail for lack of effort though.

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by nathanong87

109er wrote:The polar opposite is Tejay. Down to earth, family oriented, quiet.

i dont enjoy tejay's e-personality. At least phinney tries to be funny with funny faces on instagram and stuff. For me everything went out the door after 'Im the total package interview' by tejay.


but im glad tvg brought the lulz in 2013
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by djconnel

Agreed, but he's digging deep. For example, he hired a personal soigneur this winter to look after him, and reports it's is first injury-free winter in his career. Then his first race, Tour de San Luis, he finished a very close second in the time trial, well ahead of third, at a point when he's like far from top form.

Problem Phinney faces is he's the same generation as Sagan, who's redefined the standard for trajectory to the top.

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by 109er

Oh for sure. Like I said, it was a conversation with someone who's dealt with them both personally and yet another persons opinion of them both.

Phinney is a machine on the bike, for sure. I think what he was referring to was his inability to deal with outside problems well or that he, himself, can't adapt and has to have someone else what to do...but I have no idea honestly and yet I could easily see that. Whilst Tejay seems to just keep to himself and doesn't have anyone at the races or training camps telling him how to deal with this or that other than whom you'd expect.

I don't know either of these guys at all personally...I've only raced against Phinney once at L,Abitibi and I know he was a bit of a dork there. But most cyclists are.
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by dereksmalls

So predictions of the CX Worlds this weekend? I would love to see if Stybar actually fronts but I think it's highly unlikely so I'm going to go for a Nys/Compton win. I think this is the year Katie gets it over Vos. Is anyone actually going to spectate?

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by xnavalav8r

I'll be there. I would love to see KfC finally win the gold, but it will be tough to beat Vos on home turf. I've seen her training and racing locally. It disappoints me to say it as an American fan, but I think it will be Nys/Vos.

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by munk93

Nys/Vos. Meeusen on the podium.

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by vdrey

I'm calling all-american podiums for both races

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by fastezzie

Would like to see Van der Haar on the podium, got to watch him at Worlds last year and have been a fan ever since. He goes so hard!

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by virenque

UCI legal?


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by Imaking20

Not aesthetically legal, that's for sure.

Also - did he just turn into Tony Martin? I don't see a way for him to shift from his 53-11 :)

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