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by xnavalav8r

It's all about the helmet.

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Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez
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by Samuel Sanchez Gonzalez

The truth is Nathan Haas looks crap whatever Helmet is wearing


by Weenie

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by stuka666

Glasses Phil Gaimon was using?

Went to POC website, didn't find them, they look like Carrera?

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by Kjetil

Smiths Pivlock V2 I presume.

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by pastronef

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by Willier

those new ones are alpina
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by micky

Di Luca did an interview with italian tv show Le Iene which will be aired tomorrow night but the whole text has been uploaded by Gazzetta and Cycling Pro.

He states many things and some are dangerous from my point of view:

-doping isn't dangerous for your health (this is the one that worry me the most as doping start at very young age)
-results would be exactly the same without doping (according to many sources this isnt true as body reacts in a different way at different doping products)
-he asks for free doping

http://www.gazzetta.it/Ciclismo/21-01-2 ... 2642.shtml

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by pastronef

Rui Costa still on Bonts

(Sidi is a Lampre sponsor, he wore Sidi on the official pictures)

https://twitter.com/RuiCostaCyclist/sta ... to/1/large

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by DartanianX

Sky certainly don't do things by half, well in terms of measuring power they do but excuse the pun.


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by djconnel

Garmin could have used the orange POCs today.


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by nathanong87

phil gaimon, said in interview

"I know what I can do for, like, 20 minutes, and that was sort of my best curve on their chart. I can do between 430 and 450 watts for 20 minutes and I weigh 66 kilos [145 pounds], so whatever that divides to."

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by maquisard

440W / 66kg = 6.66W/Kg


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by euan

Which would also imply that he has a 6.3W/kg FTP
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by hna

That's if you assume that his FTP is 95% of his 20 min power. Which isn't necessarily the case.

by Weenie

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