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by pastronef

Greg Henderson switches from Bontrager to Gaerne too (Lotto team sponsor) https://twitter.com/WatermarkGlen/statu ... to/1/large

just Hansen will keep HIS shoes

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by Tillquist

See all my bike h e r e

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by Tillquist

See all my bike h e r e

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by xnavalav8r

MarkTwain wrote:The example you linked was for a stage race, so no comparison.

The second I have no idea on, but unless it was a one-day race (or at the very least comparable to a National title) see above.

And finally, given the UCI are increasing looking at race-doping (throwing races) why you'd figure two Pros would be that blatent is...staggering.

You said, "In what professional race, or even amauteur racem would someone ever give the race away and go to shake hands before the finish line?"

I gave you two quick examples which I found in less than 5 minutes of searching.

Stage race, one day race... what's the difference? Pros and amateurs make deals on the road all the time. And it's not like the Australian national championship race (or any other national championship) is up for grabs. They aren't always won by the best rider on the day. Sometimes they are won by the designated rider on the strongest team. Deals are made among trade teams to support an individual rider. But that is a different discussion... and not a critique.


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by hna

The first doesn't really relate. Voeckler got a GC win by giving up the stage. The second looks like a post-TDF crit where deals are fairly common. Most handshakes are often just a "thanks for the cooperation" anyway. It's usually not anything more than that.

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by swiftvelo

DartanianX wrote:And a custom spacer too!


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They are not custom Specialized has them in the service dept. I've got one. They come in 35mm ,25mm and stock 15mm.

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by DanW

Giant seem to produce some of the most "pro" looking bikes out there in the peloton. I really like the build in a no nonsense, practical, functional kind of way. Sure the jersey isn't quite the same standard but I can see every MAMIL going in to the LBS to buy a Giant coming out with a matching kit as it as offensive on the eyes like some pro team kits

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by KB

xnavalav8r wrote:I assume that clip is after the finish. Otherwise it looks like Evans gifted the win. I didn't see the race, so I don't know where/when that took place.

99 times out of a 100, Gerrans would beat Cuddles in a sprint. As for gifting him the race, don't think so. Many riders after a long breakaway shake hands before the sprint. It's been happening since all the years I've been watching ( since the 60's).

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by Tillquist

See all my bike h e r e

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by petepeterson

Nice to see some colour on the saxo kit!

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by KWalker

What saddle is on the IAM bike?
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by carbon2329

If Sky has success with Stages (ie we don't see guys switching to SRM etc... during the season) then it is HUGE for Stages and "the cheaper power meter market"...HUGE.

Because everyone will say "who knows how accurate it is" or "it only measures one side" (which many do too).

And all they have to say is "Sky is using it". (a very successful well funded team)

I guess what I am saying is, "it is a big success for "the cheaper PM""...which is good.

(I don't have a PM, BTW :D )
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by djconnel

Cavendish fat? Cycling clothes are distortionary:


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by euan

Especially modern tighter styles
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