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by pastronef

Avanti Racing jersey (former Huon Genesys)

https://www.twitter.com/AvantiRacing/st ... 00/photo/1

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by bruno2000

Let's get back to business...Pro-Bikes.
Kuota Kom for the pro-continental Team Wanty - Groupe Gobert with Leukemans.

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v156/ ... a61add.jpg

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by ultyguy

pastronef wrote:Us Postal team salaries 2002-2004

https://www.twitter.com/thebikeshow/sta ... to/1/large

$30k for Boonen, wow. $15k for Dave Z, yikes....interesting reading.

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by djconnel

bikewithnoname wrote:Roger rides for Contador's team and test positive for clenbuterol, a huge coincidence of that there can be no mistake.

I wouldn't say a "huge" coincidence. I find the "raced in China" link more promising.

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by Anders3404

The new Canyon CF SLX Movistar Edition http://www.canyon.com/_en/roadbikes/bike.html?b=3331


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by Willier

back on continental tubs and now on fizik saddles
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by hasbeen

I really like the Movistar Canyon. I think it will stand out nicely in the peleton. Its funny how the frame is so loud that the seatpost stands out for being plain.
Nice Kuota set-up up there too. I like the Fulcrum wheels on DA bike thing. Is that SSM Regale on there?
Casati Vola SLi and Dolan Preffisio
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btompkins0112 wrote:
It has the H2 geo......one step racier than a hybrid bike

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by AGW

Looks like an Aspide. Movistar Canyon.... fap fap fap

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by SpinnerTim

Oh my... as a sucker for fluo green and dark blue, that's my Pro Bike of the Year pick right there. No need to see the others. Cool equipment selection, too.

Seriously, I'd probably buy a poster of that thing.


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by AGW


If Cookson is as open to change and modernization as he preaches, this could be fantastic.

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by KWalker

hornedfrog wrote:Taking clenbuterol as an endurance athlete just doesn't make sense. Yes it does help increase lean muscle mass, specifically fast twitch muscle fibers, and decrease fat mass, but it has many negative effects that would outweigh its benefits for endurance athletes. Studies have shown that the use of clenbuterol decreases cardiorespiratory fitness, which causes its user to be unable to maintain their normal level of intensity during workouts/competition. The drug also causes cardiomyopathy, or enlarged hearts, through fiberous connective tissue and collagen, not muscle. It decreases cardiac output and increases the risk of cardiac arrhythmias. It can also lead to cardiac cell (myocardium) degeneration. Other side effects include muscle cramp and hypertension. World tour cyclists should not have an issue reaching ideal race weight, lean mass/fat mass ratio, or strength given all their "legal" resources.

Basically, a team doctor, athlete doctor, or whatever you want to call him/her with any background in pharmacology would have to be an idiot to prescribe clenbuterol to a professional cyclist.

That's long-term usage. Short term usage doesn't have the same sides in many and it doesn't inhibit performance in many. A lot of MMA fighters and athletes at my old gym used to use clen for a few weeks before competition to help make weight. In the right dosage its not a stark difference and in a sport where 1-2kg matters, decreased performance (slightly) in a race you don't care about might be worth it. Its not like he was Schleck bad in the race or even Froome good to start with so it becomes a wash.

I agree that they shouldn't have to use it, but there are a hell of a lot of things they shouldn't have to do that many do.
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by ave

Maybe they only hired him as consultant, so he doesn't have time for silly revolutinary ideas. ;)

On a more serious note, I'm not too interested in revolutinary ideas if they look that bad as the UK bikes.

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by prendrefeu

But maybe that 6.8kg limit will finally be lowered.

....to 4kg. :twisted:

....which will then make most WW bikes legal. :evil:
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by petepeterson

Regarding reported Clenbutorol performance affects: Worth considering that pro cyclists are obsessed with body mass and at that level it's not easy dropping the last 1-2kg.

Also, to the unintentional ingestion camp:

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by petepeterson

Pretty sure that's an Antares on the Canyon Movie. Any bike would look good with those colours and campa.

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