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by djconnel

Cookson by 6.... which means Fat Pat failed to convince 3 votes to go his way.

I am pleased.
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by Weenie

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by campbellrae

Today is a good day.

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by ichobi

That was tighter than Cancelara's 2 seconds deficit. Good Riddance PMQ. Now lets see how Cookson gets start with the cleansing.

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by KWalker

All the pros that doped their way to millions should pool their money and prop up some of the pro teams that are vanishing. After all they tarnished the sport so bad that no one will stay in it long term from a sponsorship perspective.
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by MarkGiardini

Caleb Ewan FTW!
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by HammerTime2

Brian Cookson = airwise?

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by hna

Wow. What a display by Mohoric!

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by ghisallo2003

t I think we are going to see more of the dirty underbelly that Pat protected us from.

Will cycling be cleaner and fairer. Probably....well it may genuinely try.

Will it be as wealthy? Will it be as popular? Will it have the Olympic presence?

Do we really need these things?

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by MattSoutherden

hna wrote:Wow. What a display by Mohoric!

That was an epic race. Hopefully the Elite races at the weekend will be half as good as that.
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by Kjetil

Sondre Holst Enger! Lightning fast, and under anybody's radar.

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by munk93

Great ride by the slovenian. I think he watched some interviews with Sagan. Mastered the english language to perfection. And the danes were pretty much gone. They were also under pressure after the Junior women's RR this morning. :wink:

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by Anders3404

Movistar to drop Pinarello. New sponsor presented on sunday

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by Willier

Today I am a proud man and above all Slovenian!!!
"Smart may have the answers, but stupid have all the interesting questions."

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by micky

hna wrote:Wow. What a display by Mohoric!

If you consider that last year he won the Worlds as a Junior, this year as a first year U23. what can you expect next year?
By the way, he's riding for Cannondale.

Talking of Cannondale, Gazzetta dello Sport reported that Tinkoff would be the new main sponsor, budget going from 9 to 11 millions.

by Weenie

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by hna

I feel bad for Cannondale in that case. Tinkoff is amusing, but not a man I would have anywhere near my team.

Mohoric will be exciting to follow the next few years. His descending was amazing. And his technique very peculiar, but apparently extremely effective.

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