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by kbbpll

Willier wrote:and specialized Turbo 24 clinchers


http://www.cyclingnews.com/features/pro ... ed-shiv-tt also says the tires are prototype.

by Weenie

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by ave

WTF? A single extension? Is this legal?

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by KWalker

Don't take me too seriously. The only person that doesn't hate Froome.
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by nathanong87

is this the same concept that cantador used to lock the big ring?

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by AGW

I think Contador had a chainguide and an unwired aerobar just for positioning. I can't imagine not having a spot for both arms. How can you remove a single bar form a dedicated TT bar anyhow?
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de zwarten
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by de zwarten

Wow, I couldn't believe it either. I thought part of the bars broke of.
But he only has one aerobar and he got 9th. Don't know how comfortable this was.


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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Definitely lighter than a traditional "two aero bar" setup.
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by ultyguy

Any picks for the u23 race? Someone names Yates maybe? :noidea:

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by dereksmalls

wojchiech wrote:He should have put grip tape on his saddle like Tony M did. :smartass:

I think that's actually illegal now, besides, have you seen what it did to Tony's shorts, "gone in 60 seconds" are the words that come to mind

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by wingguy

Didn't he just start using glue instead? Or at least, peeling the tape off but leaving all the tacky residue...

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by Tillquist


See all my bike h e r e

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by Rob81

and what about the shaped "bulb" behind the cleat? He's wearing Sidis so that's something added.

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by munk93

ultyguy wrote:Any picks for the u23 race? Someone names Yates maybe? :noidea:

As a dane I'm going for Valgren, or if a sprint in a mediumsized group, Asbjoern kragh Andersen. But Yates might be the best pick.

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by pastronef

John Gadret signs with Movistar, via @velochrono

Champion System team and Crelan-Euphony Team will not continue in 2014

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by ultyguy

I guess it's taken a little while for the shoe to finally drop, but b/t Armstrong/UCI mess and Euro crisis, it finally has :-(

Onto the RR, Sunday....

I think that there will be a group of 4-5 2nd-ish tier riders (no disrepect at all) that will fight it out in a small sprint. This will happen because the Spanish and Colombians will be able to send a rider in any and every move (so many bullets) and then will mark behind like mad. Someone else will get lucky and end up in that group and might just win.

by Weenie

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