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by CarpetFibre

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by stella-azzurra

Yes that was a good impression. :lol:

Richard Virenque looks 2x his former self and 8 year transformation :welcome: to normalcy.

Richard Virenque: "Put me in a good garden nursery and I'm in heaven"
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by pastronef

Wiggo has come back beating cancellara in today's TT :beerchug:

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by munk93

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10 ... 8&refid=12

One of my good friends decided to go Sagan style up the final climb in tour of Denmark. His the youngest rider in the race (18) and he leads the hill competetion

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by munk93

Young dane Magnus Cort at it again, breaking away from Saxo, Belkin, Kasusha and OPQS in the 500 meters of stage 4 in Tour of Denmark.
Normally guys from Team Cult energy drinks a can of Cult after the stage, (For sponsor purposes I asume) but apperantly not today. :)

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by ultyguy

Kid is for serious, live to see a young gun blowing up on the big stage!

In that pic from the first stage he showed a serious pair of heels, looks like he's fo real.

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by KWalker

Tinea Pedis wrote:Interestingly, rode with Hushovd during the 2010 World Champs lead up and he looked about the same on TV (read: not far off the size of a regular human being).

Also saw a lot of Fabian, he was a good size too. And with massive quads. Also a good size for a 'regular human'.

The rest were exceedingly thin. Especially Freire (amazed how short he really was).

You also forget that I am American so our definition of normal and these weights is quite different. Hushovd's weight is the mean weight of females 5'2"-5'5" in the South.
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by btompkins0112

Yeah, generally Americans idea of 'normal' weight is 20-30 pound overweight.

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by Geoff

@CarpetFibre, :lol:

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by nathanong87

so late to this party as i was on a vacation for like a week. but phinney's win for tour of denmark was king of dope. really awesome

Edit yea it was tour of Poland. Got confused on which file I opened from the cyclingtorrents vortex I was in lol
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by djm

It was "Tour de Pologne" - the Tour of Poland :-)

But yes.. awesome win and a magnificent race for BMC with three stage wins.

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by 53x12

Maybe BMC can show up to next years TdF rather that TdP. I think they missed the memo on which race was the important one.
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by pastronef

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by dereksmalls

pastronef wrote:Huon-Genesys Zipps and brake pads

https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid ... a0&theater" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Have you seen the video of everyone crashing on the corner from that tour? Messy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqjOqgilwmQ

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by elviento

So true. Even the sprinters are skinny compared to [US] normal people.

airwise wrote:Indeed. The more dweeb like and wimpy you look to normal people the faster you are likely to be.
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