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by PSM

nathanong87 wrote:wow.


I hate these runners...

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by pastronef

Johnny Hoogerland:

This morning i asked @MarkCavendish how was the dutch corner yesterday. His answer: "not too bad, they only called me asshole twice" #letour

by Weenie

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by micky

hna wrote:How fast did Vanmarcke ride up? I know a former Norwegian TT champion who somtimes does an 8,2% (7km) climb on his 53 just for "fun". It is certainly possible, I don't doubt Vanmarcke.

Im going by memory, around 49-50 minutes.

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by Mikeno

petepeterson wrote:what flag is that....?

Czech ... Strange question

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by HammerTime2

nathanong87 wrote:wow.
First of all, the runner is a real jerk ... and so is the guy who tripped him.

Second of all, Tejay Van Garderen's knees seem to be pointed inwards quite markedly at the top of the stroke*.

* although not at the bottom

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by majklnajt


Edit: sorry, didnt see that the video is already on the previous page.
Thanks HT2.
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by 54x11

nathanong87 wrote:
DanW wrote:Cunego indicted on doping charges:

No surprises given Cunego has slowed dramatically (or at least so it appears) in recent years relative to his previous performances. Interesting his team support him, rather than temporarily suspend so maybe it is a complicated one???

subject person metnioned by secret pro :noidea:

No, Secret Pro mentioned bio passport charges. Mantova is an investigation that started with police surveillance of a dodgy pharmacist.

Cunego's name was mentioned in the Mantova investigation a long time ago.

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by ave

aerozy wrote:Also a mention to Quintana! Looking at his dimute figure I am amazed he survived those windy flat stages as well as he did. He must have amazing power to be able to hold on the flats the way he did. Out of all the performances his is the most surprising in my humble opinion

Ten Dam's average H/R was 151 bpm (source: strava) during his 30km 'trip' on the Saxo train. (It was even lofre beforehand) It's not that hard to sit on the wheels, if you can position yourself well enough.

Ed: Of course every credit for being able to position himself well enough.

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by Tinea Pedis

jekyll man wrote:Which is worse?
letting the tit run along side, or tripping him into TJ, and knocking him off?

Who'd look the tw*t then?

He was far enough behind Tejay that he would not have tripped the rider up.

I'm not a fan of vigilante justice, but maybe a few examples like this will help people think twice before getting too close to the riders.

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by btompkins0112

I thought that time Contador punched that guy in the mouth would make ppl think twice; however, it didn't make a dent.

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by petepeterson


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by airwise

I wonder if next year some of the losing teams will look at applying a little more science to their efforts.

The gap in professionalism between the teams seems remarkable when compared to other sports like football.

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by pastronef

Inner Ring @inrng 2h
According to @raykerckhoffs Tom-Jelte Slagter, the Town Down Under winner, is off to Garmin-Sharp

nice! :thumbup:

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by DartanianX

MattSoutherden wrote:Froome running a new 9000 series SRM with O-Symmetrics. They must have both bolt patterns on the new spider.

http://velonews.competitor.com/2013/07/ ... kes_295660" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Froome clearly has a custom made SRM spider, although to be honest why go to all that trouble... same crank arms on the 7800 - 7900 and the 9000.


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by nathanong87



evans had the custom spider too.... u can see the dual BCD holes for 5 and 4

by Weenie

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