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by stella-azzurra

So who's the leader going to be for the tour at SKY. :twisted:
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by Monkeyboy3333

I just think unless Wiggins 'wins' via a TT in any GC he won't win, simple as. No explosive climbing ability. That being said I still want to see a fellow Brit win!

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by Rob81

It was maybe a gamble to bring Wiggins at the Giro, Froome could have been more suited for the Italian climbs and gradients. It was a nasty end of climb today too, similar to the decisive one we saw recently during Trentino.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6bV0e29CNk" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;
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by Guerdi

What happened to Jackson Rodriguez ? He couldn't downshift and was stucked in the 11 teeth. Cable broke ?

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by petepeterson

I am of the belief that perhaps wiggo's prep for this season has suffered from Tour/Olympic hangover. The marginal losses from the media circus add up. Bike riders need to live like monks. LA's ability to win while being a total media whore always amazed me.

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by Liggero

I still don't understand how people are amazed by the results of those who doped, like Basso or LA. Funny they find it amazing..

Anyways, Wiggo completely out of the Giro for sure, with not even his own team having faith in him, with Uranattacking today and winning. Good to see team-mates don't have to wait for him in the mountains anymore like in last tour. Uran seems really strong. Afew more stages like this and he may win. So we have now cadel and nibali as favourites now, with Uran looking the strongest though...

Colombian power... Veeery suspicious.
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by Kastrup

i am pretty sure Urans attack was a planned move by the Sky suqad. The way i see it they couldn't loose snything by sending him up the road. Eigher he stays clear and wins or is able to support Wiggins if they regroup.

One could say that it wasn't a smart move because Wiggins ended up with no helpers but i think it was a smart move nonetheless. If Wiggins falls through completely the other teams will now that Uran is not just a helper but a legitimate threat.
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by sstefanov

My guess for Sky's tactics is to have two guys potentially threatening Nibali. So on the next climbing stage Uran attacks, and Nibali will have to chase, which opens the door for Wiggins to counter-attack. Of course that should work if Wiggins is able to attack.

This might open the door for Evans. It seems he has the legs to stay with Nibali... interesting Giro I must say. Those bonus seconds for stage wins really do make things more exciting IMHO.


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by HammerTime2

Liggero wrote:So we have now cadel and nibali as favourites now, with Uran looking the strongest though.
One stage prior (i.e., after Sunday's stage), Liggero wrote:# Sarcastic mode on warning, for those with high sensibility #: Great attack by Evans today, either he or Taylor Phinney gonna win the giro.
So is cadel being a favourite (one of two) now your view, or just the incorrect view of other people? Are you sometimes too quick to pass judgment?

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by Tillquist

The new Garmin Edge 510 Team version

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by Liggero

I think evans is out, in my personal view. I can't imaging him winning the giro, even if he was in pink, but due to the rest of contenders, seems logical to include him. But i´m not logical, i'm realistic. From my point of view, evans will suffer more as time goes on...

Still, I may be wrong and evans been older has more endurance... I don't think so.
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by jt2gt

Anyone see when the mech was trying to raise Jack Rod's saddle about an hour from finish...sick (don't think they ever got it straight). I kept thinking his back wheel was going to slam into the team car and slam him back into the car. Soon after is when he had to do a bike change...not sure what happened. Amazing terrain covered on this stage...wow.

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by Monkeyboy3333

so Nibali is running the anniversary campag kit then? Looks that way from the shifters. I wonder if it has built in chain dropper function?!

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de zwarten
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by de zwarten

Seems like Nibali has the anniversary version:
http://www.steephill.tv/2013/giro-d-ita ... 862682.jpg

Both he, Rodriguez and Betancur had shifting problems today on Campag... I wonder what they were using (any of them on EPS?), and what the issue was...

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by fa63

Nibali is on mechanical (apparently, he is not too keen on Campy EPS).

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