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by RudyMontana

Fair play to Cav cuz that was a great sprint. He might be the fastest man on two wheels but he is the biggest jerk with legs. That post race interview after losing to Kittel was deplorable. Now on Sprint stages/classics I go ABC (Anyone But Cav).


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by Bely

Looks like a round seatpost or is it the angle of the shot
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by Weenie

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by djconnel

BMC old vs new...


I don't see any differences (except frame size, of course)

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by Wingnut

The tubing has lost its hard angles...more round now too...
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by mentok

top tube, head tube, down tube junction looks significantly different, but that could all be down to sizing...

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by duz10s

really starting to want a BMC, might wait on new model
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by elviento

2013 is the year of the return to round tubing... Cervelo, BMC, and some others on the way.
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by djconnel

Cervelo didn't exactly change to round, more of a tapered trailing edge:


Strictly round tubing scores fairly poorly by Cervelo's analysis, which I suspect is constant cross-sectional area.

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by ichobi

http://velonews.competitor.com/2013/05/ ... bmc_284916

Caley got some nice detailed BMC shots. So they are basically rounder and wider at the bb area. More stiffness i guess. The new cable routing looks similar to RCA.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Interesting interview with Matt White on Cycling Central.

Hopefully not geo-restricted.

Aso, Taylor and Carlton Kirby's take on today's TTT course :shock: The Giro, totally disregarding riders safety :lol: :doh:

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by SolidSnake03

That's what makes it the Giro! Hello, erupting volcano anyone?
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by 5 8 5

Does anyone know what mechanical Steegmans had while leading out Cav?
Looked like he was on the small ring or possibly dropped a chain?

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by djconnel

Danny Pate dropped in the small chainring?

I'd make a snarky comment about Di2, but Steegmans yesterday was on SRAM, so I'd be guilty of component bias.

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by Ghost234

It was nice of Sky to give the jersey to an Italian. Garmin didn't live up to expectations at all.

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by Liggero

poor garmin... LOL!!
Happy Trails !!!

by Weenie

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