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by Tapeworm

More track cycling for all who do PR :smartass:
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by sfo423

ilvwhtgrls wrote:http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=MoXE2xasFKI" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Offredo's crash

That's gonna leave a mark.

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by Pharmstrong

I was close to betting on Stybar this morning, I'm happy, but sad I didn't.

I know it's not feasible to barrier the whole race, but some sort of tape line on the cobbled/tight sections could help?

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by ave

Cancellara: "When I see how in this race everyone was against our team, against me"

I don't know, thinking back, I didn't see everybody against him, actually. Not even before he "made the selection", and certainly not after it.

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by wojchiech

anybody know why Visconti got DQ'd?

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by Liggero

djconnel wrote:Disagree. Pro cycling is about PR, generating good image of sponsors. You don't do that by being a wheel-sucking leech. Gerrans win @ MSR last year only disgusted me...did nothing to make me want a Scott. It's not just about winning...its about earning respect doing so as well.

Phinney did work for team late in the race, according to live.cyclingnews.com .

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well, that is a very respectable viewpoint. I like to separate sport from business, reputation. As long as you play by the rules, I think he should have sucked FC wheels. Sure you will earn some respect giving relays to FC, but you will earn more an image or having a bad tactic, specially when it was so easy to make one, as he had only one tactic to follow. He did it so good in the whole race. He could have won sucking wheels, just like other did in the past with FC.

I'd rather win PR than getting that respect you say. And I think his sponsors would agree to winning PR, too. Also, I tend to buy a certain brand by their quality (quality marketing), not b their results (sponsoring marketing).
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by KWalker

Oh god, people are complaining about Vanmarcke pulling too much, but if he hadn't then they'd complain that he was wheel sucking. It was an awesome ride by him and he will probably be back to win the race during his career.
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by mentok

exactly. i respect vanmarcke for working with cancellara and losing honourably just as i would have respected him for telling cancellara to get stuffed, getting towed to the line and beating him in a sprint - it would take a big pair to pokerface cancellara on such a grand scale and pull it off.

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by milroy

Yeah I agree, I'd bet Vanmarcke would rather have a little less respect and a PR cobble on his mantelpiece. In the end I think he was intimidated by Cancellara in the velodrome.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

It's funny dj, I only ever read you lambasting Gerrans for being " a wheel-sucking leech" but never praising Fabian for his tactical nonce in pulling 2 other riders all the way to the line...one without the other, strange.

Especially when it was widely appreciated Fabian needed to race smarter.

Could it be that the former rode the smarter finale than the latter? That he was still better than all but one other rider at staying with Fabian off the Poggio and no other rider (read: sprinter) seems to cop the same treatment notwithstanding.

Spare us the constant soapboxing, please.

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by prendrefeu

Does anyone here know what some Radioshack riders were wearing on their wrists? A few of their riders were spotted wearing something on their wrists: one blue, one yellow. There was no consistency for which wrist (left, right) donned which colour.


Screen grab:

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by Wingnut

My thought is either sweat bands to wipe muck off the face or some type of tape (fascial) to tension the wrists from all the jarring?

Yep looks like they've used fascial tape to tension the wrists...

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by prendrefeu

Good find, thanks!
I might want to use that technique for one particular road around here, to see if it helps.

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by MattSoutherden

Wrist motors, for sure.
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by LeePaton

I liked Vanmarcke's tactic fit not getting left for dead on the cobbles, Simply lead fabs out. Also I think their may have been an issue with the radios yesterday with the amount from a couple incidents I seen so maybe they both never knew how far they were away and simply didn't want want to get caught.

Whatever it was at 24 he got pipped on the line at P-R by one of the strongest classics riders ever so well done Vanmarcke.

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