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by KWalker

I dunno, maybe not positioning himself before a key hill and missing the split/move like he did in Flanders last year. Little shit like that will win or lose a classic.
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by Weenie

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by OJ

Cancellara may just be way too strong for the competition again.

I like underdogs...except Sagan, as an underdog, so I'll be cheering for Boonen the next two weekends.

Counting my sleeps here to the big day. This might become a habit as I have already ruined my wife and she's a bike geek now. Taking her to see the Ronde might very well be the last nail in the coffin before we buy an RV and go travel Europe following pro races.

Sagan at last year's Ronde. I can't remember how he distanced himself on the Oude Kwaremont, but he just sucked wheels to all the way to Paterberg, and then some, before attacking the chasing group on the hill, just to be brought back few k's down the road. Don't like the guy is my message in a nutshell I suppose.
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by ichobi

Chavanel, Sagan, and the rest of the chase groups said along the line, post race, that Cancellara was just way too strong. No one wants to pull him back if Sagan is in the group, but they did work together a bit. Apparently not enough for a man who rode 53x11/12 solo for 35km. They really need a speed monitor overlay on the live coverage. Would be fun to see.


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by Wingnut

Yeah I was impressed to see the gear being used too...looks like pretty thin bar tape on Cancellara's bike there? Cloth...?
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by ultyguy

His ability to smoothly turn over that big gear yesterday will have sent shockwaves through the bunch. A spent force?....I think not.

I find the talents of the big 3 a really interesting balance, like rock paper scissors.

Sagan can climb and sprint, but doesn't have the monster engine (maybe that'll come a bit with age)

Boonen can sprint and motor, but not climb (above the bergs of the lowlands).

Cancellara has the monster motor and can climb pretty well, but would never win a sprint against either of the 2 above.

I'd love to see a finale at RVV with just the 3 of them. Mano a Mano a Mano,

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by jipperd

hansonator69 wrote:Image

New Scott bikes for Green Edge? A mix of Foils and an unknown model.Big photo here.

Last year Green Edge used the Scott CR1 during the classic cobblestone races. It's hard to see, but this could be a 'normal CR1.

el condor
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by el condor

A bit off topic-, does anyone know where tomorrow's race Gent-Wevelgem-Gent will be transmitted? Eurosport and Eurosport 2 do not stream it.

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by djconnel

KWalker wrote:I will be really disappointed if it turns out he was one of the Fuentes clients as speculated.

It's 100% certain Cancellara doped during the 2000's: he excelled in an era when climbing rates were on order 5% higher than they are now, when day-to-day recovery was almost perfect. So if it wasn't Fuentes it was someone else.

stage 17 of the 2008 Tour:
"With the start of the climb over, O'Grady had done his work. Cancellara took over for CSC and the gap started to drop. He set a terrible pace, catching and dropping Di Gregorio and putting the sprinters off the back. Even white jersey contenders Nibali and Maxime Monfort (Cofidis) gave up the ghost. Jimmy Casper (Agritubel) had been dropped early in the stage and was now 18 minutes behind and nearly assured of being time cut."

Sure, it's not proof, but if it quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck. That was how people played with the big boys then.

When I think of guys during that era who may have stayed clear of the good stuff, I think of Thomas Voeckler. He finished 97th in GC. Did he train less? Was he inexperienced? I doubt it, and no, and he was younger then. But all of a sudden he becomes a podium contender simultaneously with VAMs dropping precipitously. I don't think Voeckler's VAMs went up, it's that others came back to him.

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by HammerTime2

djconnel wrote:It's 100% certain Cancellara doped during the 2000's: he excelled in an era when climbing rates were on order 5% higher than they are now, when day-to-day recovery was almost perfect. So if it wasn't Fuentes it was someone else.
Maybe he got an "assist" from


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by devinci

oversized pulleys on Cancellara rear derailleur

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by djconnel

I tried to analytically calculate the advantage of 15-tooth pulleys: I got 0.46 watts for the 39-tooth ring and 0.62 watts for the 54 tooth ring, given certain assumptions. That's not too bad.

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by btompkins0112

Lets be honest....anyone who was anyone in pro cycling from the dawn of Le Tour through 2010 doped. Ok, now that we got that out, let's move on.....

How much extra weight for those oversized pulley, DJ?

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by nathanong87

ave wrote:So, what did Sagan wrong in E3? Even Cannondale wasn't that bad, they managed to round up 4-5 guys to pull back the break just in time before the Paterberg.
I was thinking he might have been OK with Oss (teammate last year) getting 2nd.

what he did wrong was he didn't follow fabian. at the 35km mark sagan was like maybe only 1/2 wheel back, then fabian puts in a dig and the gap never closed from then on. I dont think sagan could have been better positioned, other than being off the front himself lol.

cliffs notes. there is nothing you can do when fabian rides like that.

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by Rob81

Cancellara was a Cecchini client, which turned out (see Hamilton's book) to be an inactive, because not involved directly, "connection" doctor between CSC and Fuentes.
It's not a proof but maybe Fuentes will talk one day, soon...

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by Willier

New shoes for Evans:


IMO they look a lot like S-works
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by Weenie

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