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by LeePaton

erty65 wrote:
LeePaton wrote:I find it amazing how some of the cycling world harang Wiggins for being able to peak so long in a season to the point of almost obsession yet no one questions Vos.
Less competition for Vos?

Sorry I think I may have come across wrong. I don't believe Vos "enhances" I also believe wiggins to be clean is more a dig at journalists and the twitter Taliban.

I love Vos and she's a huge inspiration.

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by KWalker

Wiggins doesn't "peak" for long by definition of what peaking means in terms of periodization. Rather, Wiggins has a very specific target and all of his pre target races are pretty damn similar. All smaller races or 1 week stage races which he uses as tests. He skips all the shit that doesn't matter for his goal- classics, smaller races, etc. in favor of very specific training camps. This is not peaking, its making sure that your general prep period matches the exact capacities you will need to develop during your later phases. Almost all other endurance sports do this, but cycling's tradition of having some standard race schedule or number of races days has somehow prevented people from doing this. Contador does something similar and so did Evans. They also all seem to buck the trend of completely detraining and letting themselves go to shit in the winter and instead focus on consistent, long term performance and the fact that they do well early in the season is not a matter of peaking, but that they remain at a decent level because they spend more time training for their specific goals and less time sitting in the bunch or trying to race away winter weight.
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by Weenie

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by LeePaton

I agree 100% it's the above mentioned who don't. I was merely comparing the two situations and how differently they are greeted.

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by Timo

Aicar or specific targets or both, in the end it is simply what we want to believe. Mind, ten years ago it was exactly the same, with people who believed Armstrong was doping vs those who believed that he set specific targets (winning the Dauphiné and Tour du Suisse as part of his build-up to the TdF). Nobody knows which scandals will dominate the headlines in 2023 and which cyclists will be involved.
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by pastronef

http://twitter.com/tomdanielson/status/ ... 61/photo/1

new glasses for Danielson, same as Vdv

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by djconnel

Full tights are faster than knickers or shorts:


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by SolidSnake03

Think those glasses are Smith Pivlock v2's, been out for a bit now
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by Imaking20

Agreed. Probably the best glasses I've put on my head!

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by Velofreak

Let's please not forget that in female cycling, the level is very low, as the number of women in competition is too low compared to man. Therefore such a powerful woman is not suspicious. Maybe if we had the same percentage of females racing as we have in man, Vos would be just an average professional racer. But because there are so few, she is brilliant. No need for doping.

If I´m a woman in a suitable age (23-25), I can start cycling tomorrow and in a couple years i can be regional champion, or similar. And you can do podium in cross country races just finishing those competitions. Easily. For man it's not that easy, therefore, peaking the whole season is more suspicious. not in female racing though.

Most female racers say the contrary, but it's not true: female cycling is very low level. That is the truth, no matter how much it may hurt them. Same as female soccer, and same as male syncro swimming.

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by 2002SaecoReplica

@ velofreak

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by prendrefeu

That was a pretty damn sexist statement, VeloFreak, and even beyond that your statement is weak in merit.
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by Calnago

Well, at least he didn't call her "fat".
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by Wester-Ross


Pat McQuaid, is that you ?

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by ultyguy

More waking up to reality...seems the Armstrong case is having a bigger effect outside of cycling than inside...the Aussies aren't so clean and fair after all

by Weenie

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