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by Kjetil

The Exergy team were the subjects of good photography in the latest issue of Peloton Magazine.
So now we know: Make sure those folks don't do a photo essay on your team, 'cause you'll fold next.

by Weenie

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by pastronef

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by SolidSnake03

What are we, still in highschool? I guess it shows that some people never grow out of stuff like that :(
Looks like I made a new 90 Proof friend

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by Mike V




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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Kastrup wrote:It always puzzles me how some riders, especially pros, manage to keep their toes warm when their other kit seems to suggest quite chilly conditions.
I know there are several inner booties and super-merino-wool socks or whatever, but they have never been sufficient in my case.

Keeping the sponsors happy during the photoshoot :thumbup:

Otherwise that zip lock bag trick over the socks is genius! I have shocking circulation and suffer from cold feet. I love it!

Also, what's this about Astana on Campag??

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by euan

I've not done the ziplock bags by I have done clingfilm around the socks when MTBing in 1' snow. Wouldn't have known.

I believe Rapha will also be riding Campagnolo next year as well.
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by artray

http://www.cyclingnews.com/news/aso-no- ... r-contador" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Once again the UCI show us how not to run things.

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by Willier

I thought that there would be more photos of 2013 gear...we are almost in December :?

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by prendrefeu

I think 2013 gear will show up after the Holidays. Most riders are just in training mode right now, not many pictures of them. Racers in team transitions are sometimes "all black" kit.

Speaking of which - transfer season has been fairly quiet, no?
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by trychle

Has been 'released' just today:


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by tinchy

yawn :|

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by nathanong87

is this cav with the blind fold? lol


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by KWalker

Last year's was nice- why can't teams just stay with 1 theme and add/delete sponsors?
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by Weenie

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by teleguy57

KWalker wrote:Last year's was nice- why can't teams just stay with 1 theme and add/delete sponsors?

+1. With the black it has that "me too" look that makes teams harder to differentiate on the road. Last year's OPQS kit really grew on me, and I like the shade of blue a lot. It was easy to pick out their riders when watching races on film. Of course, picking out Tommeke in the spring was usually pretty easy -- look for the guy off the front:)

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