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by Rippin

That Focus looks great. I wanna ride it...
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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Campag claw one Pro team back. Wonder if Lampre will keep Campag on the Merida's...

Damn nice looking bike. Now for the love of god ditch that shocking kit!

Oh and imagine the relief on the AG2R team, they'll finally have disk wheels again for TT's :lol:

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by wojchiech

oh c'mon, brown is a flattering color :mrgreen:

does anyone know if AG2R have changed major sponsors? that might hint at a change in the team kit...

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by Kjetil

wassertreter wrote:The handlebars on the Focus looks very shallow, any idea what model it is?

Looks similar to the FSA compact and the Pina/MOST shallow shape. Also reminiscent of Colnago.

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by duz10s

SvenNijs wrote:
duz10s wrote:
SvenNijs wrote:
duz10s wrote:What a shocker, big step back from riding Willer, must be paying the team big bucks

Really, what's in a name? Aren't both frames actually manufactured in Taiwan anyway and wouldn't Merida be a whole heap bigger company with lots more R&D, back-up etc?

I don't know, your telling the story so please tell us more :)

No, you made the statement about it being a "big step back", I'm just posing questions based on logic/economics. Hopefully someone 'in the know' can fill in the gaps. :wink:

well in my eyes it is, Italian pro team going back to cheap asian bikes with no real pro team support history or culture for being at the forefront of innovation.

maybe you should research your own questions and then get back to me :wink:
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by aharbutt

duz10s, Lampre via Saeco started out riding Cannondales, so they haven't always been on Italian frames. It's not like they're ending some grand tradition. And at the time Cannondale had no Euro presence and I'm sure people may have thought similar things - but now it doesn't seem at all strange that they support the most Italian team in the business.

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by aerozy

^ But it is kinda sad to see another major Italian manufacturer leave the pro tour. First Colnago, now Wilier, next Pinarello? Would be great to limit frame manufacturers to one team only or else the next thing you know it we'll have "specialized" on every freakin team (and god knows how much I hate them)
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by Tumppi

I want those AG2R Focus team bikes white EPS wires also to my bike!! :evil: Because they don't exist > Photoshopped. :mrgreen:

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by KWalker

If you see the AG2R kits and bikes in person the brown doesn't look so bad. I kinda like it compared to some of the monstrosities out there.
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by pastronef

http://velonews.competitor.com/2012/09/ ... uad_240047" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

BMC With the road squad, which includes recently crowned world champion Philippe Gilbert, Shimano will take over wheel sponsorship duties from Easton.

let's see if they take care of the handlebars too (becoming a full sponsor as for rabo, argos, sky etc)

maybe without easton, Bell could be replaced as helmet sponsor too

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by Willier

That is no surprise, cos I heard that they had a lot of problems with Easton wheels...
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by Kjetil

aerozy wrote:^ But it is kinda sad to see another major Italian manufacturer leave the pro tour. First Colnago, now Wilier, next Pinarello?
On a happier note Bianchi was away for some years after Liquigas and got back in the protour with Vacansoleil-DCM this year.

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by LeePaton

I quite like the AG2R kit. Although Farnese is still my favourite.

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by petepeterson

Agreed - it is one of my favorite kits out there as well.

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by prendrefeu


The AG2R kit has been one of the best designed kits in the peloton since it was introduced.
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