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How many of you have went to longer cranks? I had a stint on a set of 175's and feel like sometimes I would be better off. My legs are long!

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by Weenie

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by Roobay

All mine are now 175mm i too have long legs, i tried a friends bike with 172.5mm it felt "confined" in comparason
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by Geoff

I tried it, but couldn't get used to it. Like everything else fit related, I guess that it will be different for everyone.

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by Rick

I experimented with up to 180s, but settled on 175. My inseam is about 84.1
Its a long story, and if you search you can find this topic discussed extensively.
My summary would be: try it.

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by stella-azzurra

Been talked about ad infinitum on this forum. The answer would be use what is best for you.
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by USofChay

Rick wrote:I experimented with up to 180s, but settled on 175. My inseam is about 84.1
Its a long story

A "long story..." nice.
I'm 6'1" and use 175.

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by spinwax

I have long, long legs (over 90cm) I am 183cm (6foot) and going basically the opposite way with 172.5s. If anyone is interested, I have a set of English BB Sram Red cranks in good condition in 175 I will trade for 172.5 or even 170s. I need them for my TT.

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by redbeard

My inseam is about 82cm and I am 1.76 tall. I rode 175's for 10+ yrs and now have the knee issues to show for it. While I cant, and wont, blame the crank length I cant help but wonder if shorter would have helped a bit. In my opinion there are horses for courses and this is true with crank length. Pedaling style will have a big impact on what feels right too.
I miss the Jerk because your stem is still too short.
Your saddle is probably too high as well.
Oh, and your cleats too far forward.

by Weenie

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by strobbekoen

Bit more complicated than just changing cranks.
I am 5'10 Mr. average with pretty much standard proportions. Anything from 170 to 175 which I rode before is fine.
That said, I think the range of crank lengths available does not reflect the variation in people out there.
Also, the knee is quite capable of a wider range of motion, changing length by a few mm is fine, if you change the setup on your bike. On longer cranks, I lower my saddle obviously, and slide it back a bit more as well. I prefer 175mm cranks now that way.

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