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by bodid

I've got a 12 year old daughter who wants to ride road but she's small (4'5") and I don't want to go 20" wheels but I think 24" might be too big right now. Anyone have any suggestions on road bikes for kids and what's good?


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by rgkicksbutt


by Weenie

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by bigskyTi

I don't really know of anything between 20" and 24".

There are a bunch of bikes out there that are 650's and are really great. Plus if you get something in that size she can ride it for years just raising the saddle and getting longer stems. You can also get a forward setback seatpost to help with the TT length.

4'5" is still pretty small, but if experience serves a 12yr old is not going to stay the same height very long.

Here is a discussion over on ST about he same thing ... =;#3199397

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by xnavalav8r

Take a look at this thread.


There are some photos of really nice kids bikes. If you look on ebay you can usually find some Treks, Felts, and the occasional Orbea, Bianchi, or Colnago for sale. Focus and Pro-Lite also make kids bikes with 24" and 650c wheels.

My 7 yar old is riding a 20" wheel road bike but will likely move up to 24" wheels next year.

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by HammerTime2

rgkicksbutt wrote:Image

No good. You need the Obermayers.

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by bodid

I like the Lightweights. Do they come in 24"

Yeah, she's a bit on the small size for a roadie. She doesn't want a Sear's special either and I'm looking at that as a good thing. Problem is, she's been helping me with my bikes and I think I've spoiled her. Growing up I had 2 bikes, both Royce Unions and I loved them. The last one had V bars and a Sting Ray seat. Beat the crap out of them and they were pretty fast (fast for a 25 lbs bike that is). How else could I leave a 35 foot patch of rubber and not give it a second thought. Hell, I don't think I ever changed the tires either.

Couldn't do that now, even if I tried...

Maybe this would be a good thread on it's own. Your first bikes

by Weenie

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