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by mallorcacycling

Roof topping or Trunking? Hitching is an option but prefer not to due to lack of hitch and here in Spain people tend to drive too close to back of car!!

Anyone used Saris Grand Fondo car rack ( ... egory_id=7)

What is best? Dont want to use the two bar trunkie style rack for nice new, light, flash, fast bikes. Have one of those and dont like having two bikes squashed together and lashed down.

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by prendrefeu

Rear will offer better fuel economy and virtually no likelihood of impact with low ceilings.
Roof racks will offer somewhat better security (as the bikes are just a little bit harder to reach), however I have seen instances where the racks themselves were stolen off the car (with bikes still attached), resulting in damage to the roof of the car.

Since your topic asked: the lightest system and probably the best (as far as I've witnessed) -
Not sure what the actual weight of the rack is.
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by Weenie

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by richy1

The Saris Bones RS is possibly the best trunk mount bike rack available IMO. Really safe and securely fastened to your car for a trunk rack.

I agree with prendrefeu about the common problem with people colliding into the top of their garages with a roof rack. Heard of too many cases of this happening, and some people have done it more than once. I guess it's so easy to forget that you have bikes on your roof when you've been driving for a while without them in sight. Having said that, I hear great things about the Thule 594XT Sidearm Roof Rack. And a great app to remind you that you have your bikes on top of your roof when returning home and parking in your garage here:

Hitch Racks are the best of both worlds IMO, the most stable and secure racks and fitting a hitch really isn't that mammoth of a task. Some great hitch racks include the Allen Premium, Hollywood HR1400 and the Swagman XC Cross Country.
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by mallorcacycling

Since all this I have bought the Saris Grand Fondo. Best car rack for non-hitch rack. It is for only 2 bikes but works really well. Most importantly though, it looks AWESOME. Anyone with only 2 bikes, I cant recommend it enough. really happy with it.

Bikes sway a little over bumps or rough road but generally not going too fast and get a bit of that with any rack.

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