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by wobbly

I'd appreciate help with choosing some new kit.

Three 3 things in mind

New adaptor head for CO2. Last one broke just when I needed it :shock: half way down a mountain and was solo. Put a small amount of air in tube before fitting inside tyre and the tap decided to blow....I just added to the world's CO2 problem :shock: :shock:
Had to wait for a fellow descender to pass and ask for help. So which CO2 tap is best rated - preferably a metal one that wont let me down again. Advice please.

2nd: I normally wear club top with a variety of bibs. But I like the look of the ones with fluo yellow around the arms or waist - also better visibilty on the road. Apart from Ale, any other jerseys that you would recommend. (Also catering for taller fit if poss)

3rd bit of kit - which mini-pump do you use/carry (in case point 1 fails again)

thanks for your suggestions...

by Weenie

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by 1415chris

Point 1. Genuine Innovations Air Chuck, hard to beat. Fully made of metal, small only 16g, works perfectly and comes with lifetime warranty.
There is also Air Chuck + version with added plastic handle, so no need to hold cartridge directly. Personally I have never felt that holding Co2 cartridge even in bare hand is problematic.
Point 3. I use pump only on trips abroad as Co2 not allowed on airplanes. In that case Lezyne Road Drive Mini.

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