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by gravity

Kayrehn wrote:Eh not really. The standard Evade arrived months earlier; tried it and there was a load of space in front and behind the head. The Asian fit just came last week so both choices are available locally for me.

Ahh the last time I went to Specialized store they only had Asian size helmet. But that was a little over a year ago so yeah..

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by Knoxxy

A couple of Donkey Label jerseys:

Hi, As requested a quick review of the Donkey Label Jerseys.
I have a few decent length rides in the now so have a pretty balanced opinion.
Firstly they are very much "Pro fit" ie considerably tighter fitting than the more traditional "Club fit".
Also notable are the slightly longer sleeves, that are very tight fitting. The sleeves are a different fabric which is more Sheer & very stretchy.
I really like this fit, but be cautious about size. I am in Medium in most clothes, but a Large in Donkey Label.

They have 3 deep pockets in the back which give a sense of security.
The only thing I miss is a zip rear pocket for extra safe stowage.
Fabric is great quality & I love their designs.
The only thing I will say about comfort is there is a seem across the chest which is bang on nipple hight!
Not a problem with a mesh vest or bibs, but without is prone to nipple chafe!
I would overwhelmingly recommend these.
Great fit, cool designs & very practical.
Also a great alternative to the Rapha "uniform" which is taking over London.
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by Weenie

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by uraqt

@ Knoxxy, very very nice!!! I am on the custom list... Can you review your Donkey Label jerseys after you have done a few rides in them, please : )



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by Frankie - B

toride wrote:@Elrey are the heels replaceable on those very nice looking R3's ?

They are!
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by Martin.F

Nice one Knoxxy and btompkins0112. I'm in the search for some new clothing myself, and I find myself tired with Castelli, Rapha, Assos etc. I want something different. The donkey label ones looks great!
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by jvanv8

Had some issues with my VumaQuad so I ordered this last week, 53/39, 175mm, glossy
But it really doesn't count since I reluctantly had to cancel the order today ... was looking forward to it.
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by Dodger747

Picked up today...

VO2 Max - 79 ml/kg/min
W/kg - 4.9

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by cmdr199212

insanely jealous

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by rainerhq

With 8.2% of body fat, you deserve them :)
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by Elrey

How much for a pair?

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by Dodger747

£260 - I've wanted the plain s-works since they were in prototype form almost 2 years ago, so I had to have them! I got the guy in the store to throw in a pair of extra insoles with them - more for my other Specialized '74 shoes as I've been having knee problems of late.
VO2 Max - 79 ml/kg/min
W/kg - 4.9

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by nathanong87

cmdr199212 wrote:insanely jealous

im jealous because allegedly they weren't made in my size.... i'd be buying them right now otherwise.

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by Guerdi

Funny that Cav himself doesn't wear that exact pair, but a kind of an upgraded one with more instep support :

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by dereksmalls

Guerdi wrote:Funny that Cav himself doesn't wear that exact pair, but a kind of an upgraded one with more arch support :

How can you tell that from that photo? 1. He has his leg up and his foot rotated out 2. He might be using custom footbeds that offer higher arch support than the Specialized ones offer.

by Weenie

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by nagge

Look at the top of the shoe, looks like a wide bit of "leather" or whatever material they use instead of just the boa wires.

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