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by mvogt46

Lovely bike, but take those valve covers off!!

by Weenie

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by cwdzoot

Ditto on he Lakes, Got a new pair of heat mold able Lake CX 401 Road Shoe

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by Tillquist

New Ultimate Hoods for Campagnolo 10 Speed

SRAM TT 1090-R2C
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by RichTheRoadie

I fitted these on Friday:


Love them 8)

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lite pete
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by lite pete

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by tochnics

@ hammertime: i am trying to keep the full shimano going,however those levers look fantastic
if i had a pair i would proberly build a bike around it
however i already have a SR11 bike so its all good
kind of think of it:

i got me some carbon speedlimit brakes and some Ti sti 7900 barclamps for the sr11 ergo
the skeleton brakes did not stand out enough and the btp ergo clamps are made out of poo
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by WideAMG

mvogt46 wrote:Lovely bike, but take those valve covers off!!

you mean my special-edition, color-matching, limted-issue, red valve caps.
they are less than a gram per pair and keep the valve clean.

but you are right, most do without. must have some aerodynamic disadvantage.
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by 1043limitedgrams

Have been considering for too long and decided to make the move to some Lightweights.
With Conti Sprint tyres and Lightweight skewers.
Im a different rider now, with evan faster acceleration :P
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by GZA

Rich-Ti wrote:I fitted these on Friday:


Love them 8)

How funny, I got a set of the same last Friday too! Wonder if their are any others in the UK? They sure look purrrty with SiSL's on my CAAD9 :-)

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by tranzformer

1043limitedgrams wrote:Have been considering for too long and decided to make the move to some Lightweights.
With Conti Sprint tyres and Lightweight skewers.
Im a different rider now, with evan faster acceleration :P

Need larger picture :)

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by shotgun

Got myself a couple of things during the past 2 weeks:

Look Keo Carbon Ti - Haven't ridden them yet

KCNC CB1 - 2/5 less stopping power versus my TRP920

Specialized Toupe Gel 143 - after 3 other seats, hopefully this is the one that fits

Cateye Double Wireless Strada - First time to go wireless, never going back to wired
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by Leviathan

Wow, that Cateye is impressive, even tells you what you are doing at the time to keep a track on you.
dýou think it also has a "shag" setting as well as a "sleep" one :lol:
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by 743power

Got some 2ti candy pedals the other day for my mtb. Renewed my membership with local cycling org. tonight. I have been pinching pennies saving for my new road bike which will be here next week.
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by Ari

UPS jacked up the load bars. As I got them via eBay cheap, won't go that route again (not available often).

Ordered Thule 400XT towers with Volvo S60 specific fit kit (like Volvo, uses factory mount points) and think they'll be better being metal versus plastic for the Volvo OEM.

Sometimes saving a few bucks just isn't worth the hassle!

Ari wrote:Volvo OEM (made by Thule) load bars and three Thule 518 Echelon fork mount bike racks for my Volvo S60 R.

No more having to use the wife's SUV or put my bike in the trunk with the seats folded down!
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by arcspin

Murphs wrote:Image

Loving them both, especially the shoes!

Are these some special edition shoes?
Very nice color on the shoes, where did you buy them?
I haven´t seen this color before !?!

again, stunning shoes!
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by Weenie

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