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giant man
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by giant man

Not sure I would want 'for those about to cock' on my t shirt :?

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by LocoDuck

giant man wrote:Not sure I would want 'for those about to cock' on my t shirt :?

:lol: +1

by Weenie

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by jsprbcn

Topeak Aero Wedge Strap Saddle Bag

Topeak Micro Rocket CB Pump


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by astranoc

Few stuff..

FSC24-TM wheels (should come under 1000gr)
2x veloflex roubaix
Vittoria Mastik One glue
4x Assos bottles
Lizzardskins bartape
Campagnolo RETRO Gloves

Edit: forgot the rest
extralite taperhead
extralite ultrastar

And I am officially broke :D

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by Cat6TT

Lost weight, and now even need a smaller helmet! 8-month old Time pedals began squeaking! Ordered:

Giro Air Attack
Assos Robofoil
Assos UV Arm Protectors x2 sets
Castelli wool jersey
Look S-Track pedals
a second pair of Scott MTB Team Carbon shoes

After paying income taxes, now also completely broke.
“It’s important to understand the ‘aggregation of marginal gains.’" -- David Brailsford

“If you’re a cyclist, you need to have the upper body of a 12-year-old girl and the lower body of a power lifter.” -- Peter Park

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by PSM

A BlackBurn Tower 4 and two "polar White" Deda "Elementi" tapes...

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by astranoc

I received both the 1.8mm and the 2.5mm lizardskins DSP so I thought I'd compare them.


I expected the difference to be bigger tbh.

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by Maximilian

@astranoc: I think the difference in thickness is mostly extra air in the foam, not more material.

I got these today. Cannondale Si forks made by Time. 215mm steerer.


Minus 15g for the starnut gives 309g. Pretty damn light for £68.



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by Kasparz

jdp211 wrote:This showed up today!

I hope you are paid well to wear that!!!

What I have got today is:
road aero helmet
some tyres
Deda bar tape
crank screws for single ring(want to get rid of 42t pussy ring)
seat post clamp

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by Dalai


Just picked up a lightly used 2010 Felt AR1 56cm with not a mark on it.

Weighed immediately:

Frame including hanger :1250g
Fork: 371g with scope to trim a few more cm
Headset: 51g
Seatpost: 207g
Seat collar:26g

Already ordered a set of Ritchey WCS Evolution SL's from Will slowly build up when I find a good deal on the other required parts.

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by trilocus

Power rotor

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by CBJ

2013 Specialized EVO mtb


Got them in the wrong size. Sold them and then bought them again for a guy who had done the same. Funny how the world goes. They will replace my 1999 Shimano shoes which actually are pretty damn good still but they taper in too much hurt my feet. Have to note that prior to last year they have not seen much action the last 10 years as I have not done any XC. Now I just need to find some new shorts.

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by prendrefeu

Some goodies from Berk. :thumbup:

Avg 3g each.

Exp001 || Other projects in the works.

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Shop Owner / Manufacturer
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by indrek

Sram RED levers
Pink cables

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by Wingnut

Hmm...I've been getting lower & lower lately...not too keen on the graphics?

"It's not the's the ride!"

by Weenie

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