Looking a light weight rain jacket

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by afie

alanjob wrote:My LBS had a Mavic Helium Jacket, so I bought it.

Ill keep you all posted on how it performs in the rain.

How is the jacket? Would it keep you dry through several hours of continuous rain?
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by Weenie

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by Roobay

its like 2 years ago dude :roll:
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by Dalai

Roobay wrote:its like 2 years ago dude :roll:

And unfortunately alanjob hasn't been here since 2009 too. But now with the topic on the front page, others may be able to help. :thumbup:

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by airwise

Well last year I managed to pick up a Sportful PacLite Saxo Bank jacket at the GF in Feltre and it's brilliant. Genuinely water proof, easy to put on and take off, easy to vent, and it packs down small enough to fit in my jersey pocket. Wonderful.

Unfortunately they've discontinued them ( I tried to buy some for friends at this years event). However I did pick up the replacement for a friend - it's made from Goretex Activeshell and packs down similarly into the rear jersey pocket. It's more fully featured and has a number of useful little touches.


Cost out here is €199

I've tried the Mavic stuff and it simply doesn't seem to wear that well - ultra light but there are compromises.

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by Stolichnaya

I was in Italy for a truly rain soaked week last month. My old rain jacket was just that, old.
I capitulated and bought a Sportful No Rain Hot Pack.
It is an awesome piece of equipment - especially if you are on a longer ride where the rain is starting and stopping frequently.
The jacket packs up so nice and small.
Very affordable and comes in a lot of sizes.

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jekyll man
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by jekyll man

I'm surprised airwise didn't endorse this:

its good, only problem i have is the cuffs are a bit of a faff to pull off whilst riding...
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by airwise

Ha :D

I've got one of those lying around somewhere. It's not very light. It's not cheap and the cuffs make it cold weather only really. I can't get it into a jersey pocket but it does have nice pink lining and a map of some mountain on the inside. Oh and it says "Rapha" on the back :wink:

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by dgasmd

monty dog wrote:Assos Climajet

Fantastic, but it does not roll up very small. I have tried quite a bit even when dry at home :smartass:

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by imageking

monty dog wrote:Assos Climajet

+1 ...also got the gillet version as well which is great for those days when its just drizzling
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by ferrarista

capo raincape is pretty good and cheap.


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by mcarr810

Try the Marmot Super Mica. the absolute best at keeping dry and only 246 grams


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by andyhunter

assos climajet, + 1.
water rolls off and very light to store in your jersey pocket.
no problems with taking out and putting on at speed, same said for taking off and storing in your pocket again as other ones can be a curse depending on the material.

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by kbbpll

I'm going to resurrect this yet again - any new recommendations? Have never really needed one, but I'm traveling to a different summer weather zone. Search didn't provide any more recent thread...

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by Rick

Quit a few places have the Pearl Izumi P.R.O Barrier Light jackets on sale for about $50
Super light (64 gm) and fold down to almost nothing. But I am not sure it is a true "rain" jacket. I have never used mine in any significant rain. It is a good windbreaker though.

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by kbbpll

Good tip Rick, thanks.
Any opinions on the Endura Pakajak? (Looks like about US$65)
Other options on this thread might be too pricey for my minimal intended use.

by Weenie

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