Light weight summer-time rain gear

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by seanblurr

Spending my first summer on the east coast and I'm finally realizing that not everywhere is as nice as California in the summer 8) . I have been caught in these random down pours a few times to many, probably time to start looking into gear. I have decent winter stuff, but when its 80+ degrees, you need something else. Looking for a nice lightweight rain coat I can stuff in a pocket or a cut water bottle and also some rain booties. Like today, I got caught in a 5 minute downpour but it was enough to completely soak my shoes making it nearly impossible to continue the ride despite the fact that is was sunny 5 minutes later.

- Sean

edited: Lightweight = brand ;)
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by ph

I am happy with a castelli sottile vest for non cold wet days. Packs down nicely as well.

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by Weenie

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If it is 80+ degrees and it only rains for 5 minutes, don't you dry off in another 10 minutes or so? Anyway, I don't really mind getting rained on if it's warm. Sometimes it can be rather refreshing.
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by seanblurr

Not when its this humid. My main concern honestly is the shoe covers.
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by TedStriker

Rapha rain jacket does the job well enough.

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by HillRPete

I am probably a bit partial to the Castelli brand, but their stuff works well for me. Been using the Leggero jacket and vest, the vest seems to be discontinued now, but the mesh back really does it for me, over the Sottile. Their Nano shoecover has been my go-to item recently (and I have a bit of a thing for shoecovers, like half a dozen different ones around). I keep lusting after a Castelli Velo jacket to replace my Leggero, as the Leggero is a size too big.

Also get an Ass Savers rear fender. The new, longer ones are quite nice. Maybe I'm not hard enough, but water running down the rear takes the fun out of it for me, especially when the rain goes away and you continue riding on for half a day on a wet chamois.

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by ToffieBoi

For me, on summer rains, long sleeve rain jackets are too much. They are getting too hot inside and, after some time you started to get wet because of your own sweat, not rain.

If it won't get too cold for you, I would go for rain gillets.
Here in UK, almost on all my rides I am carrying one inside my jersey on the back. I use this one; ... s/R712M13/

Which I am really happy. Easy to carry. Light. Does what it should do.

I also have the same one with long sleeves too. ... s/R612M13/

But if it is cold enough for me to wear something long sleeve, I am going for my Rapha winter jacket. ... duct/PJC01

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by Valbrona

Can anything beat Gore-Tex Paclite? eg. Etxe Ondo Competition rain jacket.

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by lippythelion

I normally like Castelli kit but the Sottile Due jacket & vest don't breathe at all. I have Sportful's Hot Pack 4 jacket & vest which fend off a summer rain shower and breathe pretty well.

Sorry, just read that it's shoe covers you're interested in. Castelli Nano shoe covers are great for warm & wet weather as has been said up the page.

by Weenie

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