Shaving of legs

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by MattSoutherden

cazone wrote:I feel you!

That might be taking it a bit far. :shock:
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by Gregorio

MattSoutherden wrote:
cazone wrote:I feel you!

That might be taking it a bit far. :shock:

:shock: What did he just say? hahaha

by Weenie

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by staminator

Gregorio wrote:
MattSoutherden wrote:
cazone wrote:I feel you!

That might be taking it a bit far. :shock:

:shock: What did he just say? hahaha

:shock: Things have clearly escalated quickly. The consensus seems to shave and endure the jokes from friends and family.
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by majklnajt

Looks like there`s a hot brotherhood on this forum... :D

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by prendrefeu

mgrennie wrote:Talk to your wife first!!

Having not shaved since before I met my wife, getting back into riding last year, and feeling like a cyclist again, I shaved Sunday.

Of course, she has not stopped complaining or teasing since.

Wax, and she won't complain. In fact, she'll encourage it. The hairs will come out soft, not at all like hard stubble. That makes other things a lot better. Sleeping included.
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by mattiTWOROADS

Alex is right...

I think there is nothing better than jumping into clean sheet with freshly shaven legs -

on both me and the girl ;)

but seriously... before shaving, all the bib grippers used to pull hair out and it was uncomfortable as hell - and hey, the jokes only lasted a week or so...
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by caseycycling

majklnajt wrote:
perplex wrote:I never started because I can't figure out hove high up I should stop...

Up to your shoulders...

+1 if your in shape you might as well show it

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by stella-azzurra

Does the nurse need to break out the clippers before placing an EKG pad on you?

Some of us don't have hairy legs and if there is hair there its really fine so it really doesn't show up much.

What about for when you get a massage?

I wish someone would do that for me after every ride.
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by Illuminate

Shave. If you are starting out, go over them first with a pair of hair clippers on a blade zero (dog clippers work fine also). Once clippered, depending on desired smoothness, go over with a razor. Maintain with a razor. If you have no shaving cream and the situation is desperate, use her hair conditioner. If you're going above the thigh line with the clippers, be very careful of your sack.

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by timzcat

Clippers with no guides. As close as you can get to shaving without the hassle.

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by LeePaton


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by artray

I get one of my many maids to shave me

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by jordo99

I haven't gotten to the point of shaving yet (haven't gotten road rash too bad so it hasn't been a big deal yet) but I'll probably be shaving in the near future.

FWIW, from the legs up I'm not very hairy at all (arms, also I can barely grow a mustache/goate and I'm 25) but my legs could definitely use it.

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by campbellrae

When I was racing as a youth(Under 16) I shaved my legs and it was soo easy as I was fairly bald as it was. Now a few years later I have started doing it again and have turned to veet. Even with that I'm having to do it every 2-3 days, it's a delight lol. Haven't had the courage to wax yet, but with the rate it grows back after the Veet I'm not sure it'll be worth the pain...

It's a pain, but so much easier when I hit the deck(very often on the MTB) so that makes it worth it IMO.

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by Murphs

I shave twice a week in the shower, doesn't take that long.

Not sure I'd go back, even if I stopped cycling..

by Weenie

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