Another Come Back? Chad Gerlach? Great News!!!

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by spinwax

As many of you know, he got really into drugs and alcohol. I raced with Chad for a long time. We were big rivals as juniors. It is great to see him clean and sober. I hope it continues.

My mom was pretty down when she watched the A&E show Intervention with him. She will be glad to know he is on the straight and narrow.

Chad and I at Junior National Championships 1989. I am in the pink kit on the LeMond and he is right behind me to the right in yellow.

by Weenie

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by geraldatwork

I remember seeing his story on Intervention last year sometime. It is amazing how far people can fall. thanks for posting.
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by offthefront

That intervention show is an amazing show. They do a great job of helping people get back on track. Nice to see a fellow cyclist getting some help. I will be chearing for you Chad. Nothing better then a happy ending. Good luck. Go Chad!

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by bushyv

offthefront wrote:Nothing better then a happy ending.

No doubt!

Seriously though, Although I wholeheartedly applaud Chad for cleaning himself up, how many riders who have done everything right and busted their asses don't have a team for 2009? Food for thought, and a clear demonstration of the old boy network, no?

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by Ant

bushyvagina wrote: a clear demonstration of the old boy network, no?

If I was running a bike team and had two guys of equal talent. I would pick the dude who had a great story and had been on a national TV show.

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