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by Marwin3000

I sold this guy a little hand pump(I told him it was for emergancies, and that it would take some time to get a lot of pressure), ad after a couple of minutes he comes back in the store raging: "This pump is utter shit! It doesn't work and now it's broken"
I realized he was the one who broke it but I gave him a new one, knowing I could fix the old one!
So I have to come outside with him and try to fill his tires. The first thing I ask is if he unscrewed the top of the presta valve?
Him: "uuhm, I didn't know I had to do that!

And there was this one guy who bought some S-works road shoes, he came raging in(after driving for over 2 hours from his home), really upset how a pair of that expensive shoes were broken after one ride! The wire in the Boa system kept slipping. So I simply turn the wheel around a couple of times, unil he realizes he were turning it the wrong way! Lovely!

by Weenie

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by Roobay

"this will definately make you go faster"
i like people... i just can't stand assholes

Tokyo Drifter
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by Tokyo Drifter

tonytourist wrote:" onclick=";return false;

Those things really do not work very well at all. I am yet to see a WM product, other than derailleur hangers, that is well made.

The best and most common approach is to use green loctite (bearing retainer), which is essentially a slow setting glue, to hold an FSA or Cannondale supplied adaptor. It is what Cannondale have used as a stock item in the past on bikes with bb30 frames but non bb30 cranks. It can be removed but it is inadvisable to do so on a regular basis if you are a home mechanic, as there is a significant risk of ham-fist-itis that will result in an ovalised shell.

Your friend was wrong, the bike shop employee was correct. You'll probably take issue with that, because you've clearly looked up lots of things on the internet.

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by tonytourist

My mistake, my friend's bike is a PF30 frame so I linked the wrong adapters required. The mentioned bike is a StumpJumper HT, Specialized spec'd a similar adapter for 2011 bikes: ... apter-kit/

What was my friend wrong about? :noidea:

Thanks :thumbup:

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by Privateer

I used a GXP crank in a BB30 frame (not pressfit) with an adapter for quite a while before getting a BB30 crank. It performed flawlessly without any need for loctite.

Tokyo Drifter wrote: You'll probably take issue with that, because you've clearly looked up lots of things on the internet.

Tokyo Drifter
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by Tokyo Drifter

Specialized use BB30 OS, not PF30, or custom bb90 bottom brackets. I bet that your friend made the same mistake you did, and mixed up bb30/pf30/bb90 etc and was told the correct advice but asked the wrong question. I have seen the same thing in a lot of industries: the worst customer is the one who knows a less than they think they do.

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by tonytourist

Please look up the specifications for a 2012 Stumpjumper Expert Carbon Evo. ... e=Mountain" onclick=";return false;

FRAME FACT 8m carbon, 29" geometry, FACT IS construction, tapered HT, carbon PF30 BB, hollow carbon dropouts, replaceable alloy derailleur hanger

While I could expand on the story and add some more hilarious things I've heard there, I won't. Obviously the customer is always wrong and shop mechanics know everything.

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by HammerTime2

Fisherfreerider wrote:-Carbon only lasts for one year, steel is real
Question: What would steel be if it didn't rhyme with real? And how about in other languages? What rhymes with acier? L’acier, c’est quoi?

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by Guerdi

L'acier va rouiller (steel will rust), even if it's not always true.

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by stella-azzurra

You are referring to stainless not the regular steel right?
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by paulm2322

I asked my LBS to fit a Dura Ace 9000 crank to my 2013 4.9 Trek Madone. He told me it was impossible to do as my bike is 10 speed and the crank is for 11 speed only. I took it to a big store and they fitted it no problem and it works flawlessly. Shame my LBS didn't want to know as I wanted to give them my Queens shilling.
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by kbbpll

1986, LBS in Santa Monica CA, I take my 1980 Raleigh Competition in and ask about getting a new 5 speed freewheel. LBS owner says they only sell 6 speed now, but he'd be happy to bend the chainstays apart to fit the wider freewheel for me.

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by DMF

I actually applied for a job as a mechanic at a bike shop (mid-range, tops out at the lower level Spesh Venge, Scott CR1, etc but mostly do mid- to high-grade commuters), anyway. So I did a trial day in the workshop to see what they were all about and they could do the same to me...

So this customer comes in, had a fakenger-fixie with 80's steel track frame, with french bottom bracket. He had picked up the bike from the same workshop earlier that morning, the other mechanic had mounted the BB and crankset, not taking into account the french style BB so naturally the cups had come loose.

I figured out that much in about ten seconds, and that the other mechanic was at fault, and that the level of equipment on the bike said the customer was fairly knowledgeable and not just a random hipster.

I ask the customer to come back in 30 minutes while I fix up the BB properly. All fine, customer seemed thankful.

So, here comes the bit.

The shop owner had overheard this, and called me in to his office and explained in disappointment that I should've asked the customer to come back at the end of the day, that way we could've charged him again for the BB fix...

Safe to say I choose not to apply any further for that job.

by Weenie

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by fitty4

My campy neutrons had issues with the freehub and I had taken it off to see if I could fix it but I wasn't sure whether it was the axle or the freehub I had dismounted the cassette and the bolt on the axle that keeps the freehub on was only fingertight for easy access so I called them to hear what was the problem, this happened:
shop guy: you need a new freehub
me:how much is that?
shop guy: about 110 dollars
me: how much for you to mount it?
shop guy: about 180 dollars total so maybe it's not worth it I mean they are not the most expensive wheels out there
me: maybe I will mount it myself
shop guy: (raising his voice) but you will have to pay for the amount of time the mehcanic used on the wheel, he spent 15 minutes working on your wheel!
I bought a new freehub on the web for around 90 dollars with the shipping cost included and went to the shop to pick up the wheel and there was the mechanic who told me I only have to pay if I needed to had a new freehub mounted and he asked me if I wanted the old freehub, I said no and he took it off without any tools and tightened the bolt with his fingers just like I did

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