His Prince runneth over....

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by Gregorio

That is no spider web on the handlebars, they were obviously shattered by impact

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by Dodger747

Jesus! Looks nasty... :shock:

Hope your friend is not too badly injured.

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by seriousconsult

Any sort of crash replacement discount from Pino?

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by Manatee

Ouch! It's gonna take a ton of duct tape to make that thing right! :cry:

campled wrote:Not mine...
a friend crashed over a stone on the road.....
but that's not what caused the catastrophe.
A 6 wheeler was behind (too close perhaps) and ran over his Prince.
He was lucky to be spared....
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by OJ

That's like my bike in -04 after crashing into a back of Fiat Punto in Mallorca...though my bike wasn't that bling.
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by MachineHead

Water bottle looks OK.

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by Scottybee

you have to tell him to cut that frame apart and explore all of the insides
(and post pictures!)

it would be awesome

keep the head tube intact and use it as a paperwieght
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by Benno

I'm waiting for the obligatory "that's why I'll never buy carbon" comment.

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