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by Danton

Craigagogo wrote:
the guys winning the Tour since 1991 have probably had a count above 55%

Surely in recent years this has not been true. It is possible to have a crit level above 50% while altitude training though.

It has still been possible, a rider can still pass the UCI's haematocrit test as they always do the test first thing in the morning, leaving plenty of time to infuse a bag of red blood cells and then to drain out out after the race again. Some riders complained to the UCI about this and asked for blood testing inside the race village/start area so this practice could not happen but nothing's changed.
Maybe you can get above 50%, my point is that it would take a month and probably only if you started at 45%. By all means it helps and many pros use this method, but artificial methods will allow cheats to prosper too.

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