How many of you are ex-weenies?

Questions about bike hire abroad and everything light bike related. No off-topic chat please

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by rustychain

Due to my 95 kilos I was always restricted to parts without a weight limit (most often 85 kilos). In a way I was lucky, Only a few broken items over the tears (opps I ment to write years but both are true). Lets see, a cracked ti frame in a sprint, pulled off the handlebars and stem in a sprint when the steerer tube failed, cracked a Zipp rim (did not even need to sprint) just in the last 24 months. The more WW stuff I own held up a bit better with my m5 brakes doing better then the Zgravity as is my speedneedle saddle. I'm on my third season with my carbon syntace bars but I had to replace the Ritchy stem for a stiffer model. I did have a minor issue with one Edge rim thats been fully resolved to my complete satisfaction. So I guess I'm still fan of lite parts but.... they must perform. I'm not invited to the TDF (just missed out for the 35th time :roll: ) so I guess I can suffer being a bit slower on the climbs
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by weenie #2533

Im on the heavier side too. :(

Im still studing and my budget is very low for light stuff.
And I like to have solid equipment on my bike while racing. I only have 1 bike so it has to be like that :wink:

by Weenie

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by drjones96

When it comes to the phrase: "Light, Cheap, Durable...pick 2" I tend to lean in the direction of cheap & durable because I have limited financial resources...which probably means I never really got on the WW bus. I couldn't afford the fare.

I suppose maybe instead of riding at in the first class carbon section of the bus I've been riding around in the economy class. I'll probably always be on an aluminum frame. I'll probably be servicing my 10spd 7800 groupo for years via Ebay. And I'll probably never think about buying carbon rimmed wheels. If I think about it there's probably no light weight component I could buy at this point that could improve my performance. I've got a good bike...after that it's all up to my legs and lungs.

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by DocRay

I've increasingly become a 'quality weenie' since realizing that a lot of expensive WW parts are neither designed by proper engineers nor tested properly. There is a LOT of pseudo-engineering in selling bike parts, and real terms mixed in with marketing BS. This is the nature of the cycling business. No one wants to hear, "it's not about the bike". It's very appealing to think that one can buy speed instead of training. It's easier that way.

The other problem is that I can do math. When I add up my weight, the bike weight, my clothing, two 750 ml bottles of water, you realize just how ridiculous it is to compromise safety and ride quality for 300g or more.
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