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by hamstar

I just bought a new frame (Parlee Z4) and plan to build it up myself this winter.

Can anyone point me to any online resources/how to/DIY guide for building up your own bike? Looking for advice on all the parts, tools, build order, etc...a "recipe" if you will.

Other than Zinn, any books that you would recommend.

I also welcome any personal advice and guidance based on actual experienece!!

Thanks all.

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by Redddraggon

Don't cut the cables too short - experiment, don't cut really short first, it's better to slowly shorten them than cutting them all up straight away. This especially important for the bit of outer going into the rear derailler - make sure this outer has a nice smooth bend.

If the BB/headset cups need facing take it to your LBS

Use a Torque wrench so you don't over or under torque any component.

Take your time, don't rush.

by Weenie

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by J-Nice

I would have an experienced wrench help me along. Books and videos are no substitute for hands-on experience.

Especially with cutting the fork, installing the bottom bracket and adjusting the cables.

This is not the type of DIY project I'd tackle by myself, and neither should you.

520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

i wont sway you either way but I will say this: If you dont know how to do it DO NOT DO IT (meaning certain mechanical tasks) I have worked in shops long enough to know that more stuff gets f'd up be "mechanics" who don't want to admit they dont know how to do something or have never done it before than anything else.

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by GrahamB

If you have a lot of general mechanical experience... I think you would work it out for yourself.

The only things that you can really screw up are:
a) facing and fitting the BB;
b) cutting the fork steerer, and installing the head set if it isn't integrated.
I'd suggest you get a shop to do those. Anything else you get wrong isn't going to destroy your frame... if you cut a cable too short, replacing it
won't blow the budget :)

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by hamstar

Thanks for the input so far! All your help and advice is appreciated. Here's where I'm at so far:

* The BB and HT have been faced already, and the HS is integrated.
* I plan to have the fork cut by an expert with proper tools. I understand the implication of f*ing that one up!
* I'm going to practice on my girlfriend's old bike (Trek)...before we send the frame in for warranty repair/replace.
* I'm counting on my LBS to humor me during the process and help provide guidance as needed.

That being said, I'd like to do as much of it myself as possible. Keep the advice coming and pointers to any online resources woud be helpful! I'm actually surprised someone hasn't written the "recipe" yet!?!

Will post some pics when appropriate...right now it's just a frame you can see on the website. Cheers.

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by Juanmoretime

Go to Park Tools website. They have many tutorials one various repairs and building. You tube is a great source for finding the short how to videos too!

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by LloydP

Take your time, read the instructions, and make sure you have the right tools. If you're reasonably mechanically inclined, you should be able to manage just fine.
I've found most of the instructions that come with parts are alright (Shimano and Campagnolo are among the best, I think), and the ParkTool website and others suggested above are usually pretty good too. Anything you lack, or is too expensive to buy the tool for just using once, get the LBS to do it (facing and headsets come to mind).

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by castrello

It´s not rocket science to build a bike. Patience, and the right tools (about 7-8 different ones) and you´ll have it done in a couple of nights if you have never done it before. But don´t rush it - enjoy the experience!

For the "recipe" go to - a really good site that covers almost everything you need to know to build a bike from scratch.
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by iride

take your time, think it through, don't do anything big that you cant undo (unless you know its the right thing to do), use your resources, and pictures or another finished bike are great in terms of making sence of certain things
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hamstar wrote:I just bought a new frame (Parlee Z4) and plan to build it up myself this winter.

Can anyone point me to any online resources/how to/DIY guide for building up your own bike?

The first bike you are going to build up is a Parlee? Ouch.

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legs 11
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by legs 11

It's a push bike, not the space shuttle......right?
Just think before you do stuff and use the knowledge of others, that's my tip.
Pedalling Law Student.

by Weenie

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