What's happened to Klien?

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by Flossie

I've not seen sight nor sound of Klien bikes in the press for the last couple of seasons. Have the Trek empire dropped the brand?

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by Weenie

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by HammerTime2

On April 9, 2008, http://www.bicycleretailer.com/news/new ... /1179.html wrote:Trek to Reintroduce Klein in U.S.

WATERLOO, WI (BRAIN)—Trek will introduce a new Klein road bike line to its worldwide dealers this summer.

The line could replace LeMond bicycles on shop floors if Trek is successful in its appeal to drop the brand. The company yesterday asked a federal court to release it from its licensing agreement to produce LeMond bicycles.

Trek owns the Klein brand, which it purchased from Gary Klein in 1995. Trek withdrew Klein from the U.S. market a few years ago. It remains a current brand with current products outside of the United States.

Some Trek retailers speculated that Trek would simply put a Klein decal on current LeMond road models to preserve those designs.

But Joe Vadeboncoeur, director of product development for Trek Bicycles, said Trek is developing the new line expressly for Klein.

“Since there is a current Klein brand with its own unique product mix and brand identity, we will not be selling any current products that Trek developed for any of our other brands, relabeled as Klein,” said Vadeboncoeur.

Vadeboncoeur described the line as a nice, tight product offering that will fit well into the current dealer base.

“That product lineup will clearly point where we will take the Klein line in the long haul,” Vadeboncoeur said. “We are very bullish about investing into the Klein brand as something that we can offer our dealers, and offer to them for as long into the future as it makes sense for them and for us.”

Trek will reveal the details of the Klein line at its dealer meeting in August.

—Megan Tompkins

It is now past August, so I suppose one could wonder what happened at the Trek dealer meeting.

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by Flossie

Thanks Hammer, I miss those gorgeous paint jobs!
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by rubber_souls

Flossie wrote:Thanks Hammer, I miss those gorgeous paint jobs!

... and those beautiful Mantra full-suspension bikes!

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by icculus

I remember hearing that Trek was breathing life into a Gary Fisher road line instead of bringing back Klein. We have seen the Fisher bikes at some of the shows recently but I have not seen anything regarding Klein. I can't find any official press release but here is a thread from another forum.....


Maybe someone else can help me out finding the official word from Trek.

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by seriousconsult

Sad to be a downer, but I'd be happier if both Klein and Fisher went away.

I don't think Klein did anything interesting since oversized aluminum, although there were some really nice aluminum bikes coming out of Klein.

Fisher never did anything interesting since the beginning of mtb, 30 year ago.

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by Stolichnaya

I can tell you what happened to Klein.

They got smaller...

Sorry, bad German joke.

What happened is that they had a great product back in the day and Trek sucked the life force out of the brand. I can remember when friends of mine struggled to decide between a Cannondale or Klein frameset for the next season. Klein had so much going for them and the brand was left to rot by the new owners. They took it down market and the crit riders stopped buying the road frames. The MTB frames and designs were, for a couple of years, just copies of other stuff Trek had developed and specialist consumers looked elsewhere. A damn shame, if you ask me. "Coulda been ah contendah!"

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by _SJ_

Remember a Klein Adroit "fuselage" in gorgeous sparkly blue paintjob?

Ahhhh, an object of lust ca. 1996...

520 Dan
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by 520 Dan

seriousconsult wrote:
Fisher never did anything interesting since the beginning of mtb, 30 year ago.

really? 29ers?

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by synchronicity

Isn't this the same thing with Kestrel?

They were THE thing to have in the 90's being one of the few monocoque carbon fabricators. But then after the SCI and EMS framsets, it looks like they sold out & took a nosedive. And I own a Kestrel. :x
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by J-Nice

Klein made some excellent aluminum road frames-their paintjobs were really nice.

Then they disappeared.

Kestrel was also the envy of carbon frames and they made the carbon fork that many roadies wanted on their frames.

In both cases, for whatever reason, the innovation stopped. I don't know if it was because both companies were sold off or whatever, but these companies had their niche and have lost it.

Too bad, I really liked what they put out back in the mid 90s.

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by KB

Klein paintjobs are the best I've ever seen, real work of art. The owner of my LBS has one and it's stunning.

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by XCProMD

I think Klein got to the pont where they were too small to improve or keep on leading the innovation. Then the brand was sold to Trek, and they killed it.

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by Taz

As far as I know when the Trek representative was asked in Eurobike about Klein by one of the distributors he said that "Klein is dead". :(

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by theremery

A well as beautiful carbon roadbikes, Kestrel did a MTB called a Rubicon. It still sticks in my mind as one of the most beautifull things I'd ever seen. The shock operated via a pivot the also supported the saddle-beam so that if you BUTT-slammed the saddle, it would activate the shock. An american tourist had one up on the port hills above where I live and was brave enough to let me have a brief tool around on it through the rock garden up the top. I was gob-smacked by how well it worked in comparisan to my Rocky Mountain dually (I had one of the Amp-like rockys at the time...almost a gold standard race rig). The kestrel was quite an eye opener! Light, beautiful and functional, not to mention unique in design at the time.
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by Weenie

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