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by 2 wheels

RoadKill wrote:Jan did wait after Tyler Hamilton came up and reminded Jan of Lance waiting for him when he had run off course. Not before on his own accord though. I believe that the team car was telling him to keep going.

From what I saw on TV, that's not the truth of what happened. Tyler Hamilton just tried to take the glory away from everyone else in that group. Tyler Hamilton was already fighting to hang on the group. When Jan and the others slowed down after realizing what happened to Lance, the Hamilton was able to overtake everyone from the back of the group and tell them to slow down to look good on TV. But actually they had already slowed down before Tyler's media stunt, otherwise he would probaly not even have been able pass the group from the back but rahter be dropped instead.
Or maybe Tyler wasn't just trying to steal al the glory but was already so much at his limits that he had not realized that everyone had already slowed down when he was overtaking them.
I saw the clip many times and it wasn't hard to tell that the other rinders had already slowed down before Tyler told them to. That was the reason Tyler was even able to go past them.

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by autocutter

Gee I thought Tyler and Jan were just talking about doping!

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