Which bike to bring on holiday (South of France)?

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Which bike do I bring?

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by LloydP

So, I'm going on holiday to the South of France in September and staying in Collioure. I can only bring one bike, so do I bring a "road" bike (actually a cross bike) or a MTB? Can anyone recommend some good riding in the area? I know basically nothing about it and will be the only one in the group with a bike as the only cyclist. We will be bringing a car, so I'm not bound to riding out from where we're staying if I want to ride, though I do prefer 'from the doorstep' riding.

Thanks for any help!
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by Gregorio

I dont know anything about riding in the S of France, I just enjoy voting....I feel it is my duty.
Have a nice trip and be safe.

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by c50jim

I stayed in Limoux (a little north and west of there) a few years ago for a week. The riding was great. Generally, there are lots of paved secondary roads in southern France with little traffic. Be prepared for the possibility of really hot weather, even in September. In addition, the day we rode out the the Mediterranean in late September, most of the restaurants were closed and we drained the last of the beer at the one open restaurant we found.

It should be a lot of fun.

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by JoWul

road bike of course. Get a michelin map for the area, you can get that at the centre of the world. Enjoy the trip.

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by Hyde

Being from the other side of the ocean I say road :wink:

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by CharlesM


Laetitia Casta.


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by Roobay

Ive been in the Port Lucate area many times and agree that a road bike is a better option in that area, its flat around the coastal areas but a bit bumpier a few miles in. Gets very hot from midday until about 4pm , get up early and ride roads with zero traffic and enjoy the french flavors.
Bon Soir
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by LloydP

Heat I can deal with. Looks like road bike is the consensus! Anything particular to make sure I have or need look out for in terms of equipment other than the "normal" maintenance and spares?
I'll try and get myself a Michelin map this weekend. Any suggestions for particular routes? 80-100mi is really the most I'd want to do in one go.

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by Ant

If you buy a Michelin map just look for green lines next to roads. What you really want it a green line next to a white road.

Green = scenic.

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