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by NS ... 403158.stm

Now this is what I call coming clean.

Athletics but it makes interesting reading IMO

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by geraldatwork

Very interesting how the authorities make it easy to cheat and pass the test even today. Thanks for posting.
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by currieinahurry

jeeez thats a lot of stuff

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by HillMut

currieinahurry wrote:jeeez thats a lot of stuff

no kidding... :shock:

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by Skillgannon

It's funny, cycling is the most slammed sport for drugs...and now, it's the only one I'd consider paying attention to any more.

Theres a whole lot more of this going on, and it takes a 'holistic' view across the swhole sport. Unfortunatly, cycling has started to *f##k* that over, with teams leaving the Teams association and breaking their own rules in search of better riders on the cheap, and the schism between the UCI and WADA.

But at least cycling has done something.

Becuase I would put money on the % of drug cheats at the higher eschelon of any sporting group as being the exact same 10 years ago.

Now, I think theres some serious change. I think cycling is perceived to have handled everything the wrong way in a pr sense, but in the long term, I think it's the best.
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by dolophonic

Well this guy is telling it like it is...especially at the end of the interview when he discusses the mindstate of a doper..

There was a HBO real sports episode with the same guy where they discussed the clear.. amazing story.

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by nickballard2712

Wow, at least he's being helpful for the future.

The one thing that stood out was the reduced off season testing surely its common sense to think they'd be doing more doping then purely by having less/no competition commitments

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by DocRay

This has come up at AACTD meetings. There are many drugs and methods that are not detectable, because it's difficult to distinguish exogenous for normal, endogenous, especially since they are rapidly broken down and the metabolic products look identical in tests.

The tests lag behind because good scientists aren't working on this, they have more important, real diseases to deal with rather than the entertainment industry.

Interesting use of modafinil, in a recent article in Nature, it turns out from a blinded poll that many US scientists polled were taking modafinil to improve mental acuity during grant writing. The drug action of modafinil is about the same as a cup of Starbucks coffee. This leads to the discussion of whether safe enhancement is ethical. From what I can see in cycling, it's a slippery slope when doping starts and get very, very complicated -easy to see how mistakes can be made with timing.

It's also been presented so many times, in so many ways, that passing testing proves nothing.
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